If you had told me yesterday morning

that Oklahoma would shoot 57% for the game (and hit more 3-pointers), 77% from the free throw line, and outrebound us, I would have given us almost no chance to win that game.


The roster we have has the ability to pull that off, scoring off turnovers and our ability to get to the rim from all positions gives us a advantage. WPS


Hey if you would have told me Oklahoma would hit like 11 of their first 13 shots and several of those being 3pt shots and also tell me that for 3/4 of the first half they’d be blistering the nets at over 70% shooting, then told me we’d end the half with a 3 point lead, well I’d have called you crazy… completely off your rocker crazy!!

But I saw it happen and could not believe it.

For some reason, we seem to be getting EVERYONES (except for Louisville) best game. Went back and looked at all of Creighton’s games so far. They had their best shooting game of the season against us by far.

If everyone is doing that, I’d want to say we are not playing good defense, but I’ve watched this team too many times and know we are playing intense defense and teams are just somehow someway shooting lights out on us.

It’s one of the strangest things I’ve noticed about a hog team in quite awhile.

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Creighton had everybody including their fans (sat by several at the game) and players shaking their heads at how well they were shooting and very few of those shots were uncontested.

Back-to-back Elite Eights mean we’ve become the “hunted”; we’re the “circled team” on their schedules; everyone will get “up” for us; we’ll be getting their “best shots.”

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As it should be :slight_smile:

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That would mean you looked at all stats but turnovers and possessions. Nolan used to say as long as we win the battle possessions, we have a chance.

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