If you guys were to guess who do you think is leaving?

If I were to guess this would be my top 3 possibles:

  1. Henderson
  2. Hill
  3. Bailey

Bailey is a senior so he’s probably a long shot. I would hate to see Hill leave after we have followed him for so long.

Man I hate to say it, but I think it’s Hill. Muss NEVER mentions him and he always talks about our backcourt. I think he values long guards. I think Hill is a player and I would hate to see him go.

Navy do you know if Anderson has room to sign Hill? I just have a gut feeling that he’s going to go somewhere and blow up. Athletes like him are very rare. If he gets a jump shot I don’t care how small he is, he’s going to be a problem.

The St John’s site says they have 14 players. But at least one guy listed is transferring. When I looked it up on 247, says they have 11. So, possibly two spots?

Baked you think that may be the move? If so its kind of weird that he just hasn’t already pulled the trigger. Whats also kind of strange is that all the workout videos of him being put on social media…almost like a highlight tape for other programs to see. Who knows, I may just be overthinking it.

I’ve seen a LOT of people speculating that.

I’m not sure, I’ve always thought Bailey, I know he’s a SR, but going down to a MM or LM may make him the “big man on campus.” Also, reports are Harris will complete his degree this summer (so he can technically transfer in August as a Grad Transfer).

Harris seems to be a likely candidate considering his lower 3 point production relative to the others. Having three guards on the floor (and forwards, too) who can all reliably knock down the 3 seems to be emphasized in the new system.

If Muss doesn’t like undersized guards, then Hill is the obvious to me, he’s also a freshman and has many years to hold up a scholarship. I have no idea if he does or doesn’t.

Seems like muss wants some flexibility with scholarships in the immediate coming years.

Should be interesting to watch

One seems very obvious, the other not so much.

However Harris has to know if he sticks around he’ll no longer be a starter here with Whitt coming in this season and Notae being ready to take the reigns in 2020-2021.

Don’t think there’s any way that Hill is moving to New York with his family in Little Rock. I would hope that Harris would be gone, and then Garland.

Here’s my take on Harris, and it’s similar to Whitt. We fixate on his lack of a 3 point shot and with him it was a bigger problem because he wasn’t finishing around the basket too. However, for the most part he took care of the ball, played good defense and was a good passer. He also seemed to be the guy that the other guys gravitated towards (very well spoken in interviews). There is talent there and I could see him improving his shot over the next 2 years.

With all that being said I agree that writing is probably on the wall.

Well, that theory/strategy (having 3 guards on the floor who can knock down 3) was shot to pieces with the commit from Whitt. Whitt is an upgrade to Harris, but doesn’t bring in what you are stating.

Gabe O is one I keep thinking due to his lacking in scoring and 3 point shooting and FT woes! Maybe Harris after that since he graduates in August.

I’ve seen Gabe’s name mentioned a few times as well, but as someone said in another thread until DD or RD says it…

Man, Gabe is the only true physical big we have, unless Chaney makes a huge jump next year. I think Gabe is going to split the 5 with Chaney next year.

Basketball is about more than shooting. Somebody has to play defense, rebound, take charges, etc. Not saying that Gabe won’t be the one pushed out, but there’s a reason MA gave him that many minutes.

I actually believe this system fits Gabe more than any other player we had last year. But, him and Hill are the two names that have been speculated the most about moving on (with the exception of Khalil)

My advice is let it play out. These players involved deserve more than idle speculation. No preaching here just opinion.

Yup. All we have is extremely uninformed idle speculation. What’s gonna happen is gonna happen whether I throw in my $0.02 or not.

Gonna change my guess. Garland and Hill walks on