If you get an Amazon popup

Please copy the URL the popup takes you to and post it here. If we can block these links it might help curtail the problem.

http://us.circularizing471pk.top/u1228s … mediaid=12

Gifthorse.top is the address that comes up, at least that is the one that came up just now.

http://gifthorse.top/us_amazon_amazon50 … edomain%7D

I just got this going from twitter to story.


http://residentevilrewards.top/us_amazo … edomain%7D

Going from Twitter to story.

Got that while on a site the other night.

http://interestrewardscreditcards.top/u … edomain%7D

http://aprrewardscreditcards.top/us_ama … edomain%7D

http://rewardassignmentdidnotsucceed.to … edomain%7D


http://giftvouchertemplateword.top/us_a … edomain%7D

http://giftvouchertemplateword.top/us_a … edomain%7D

Just got it


Got this just now on the McFarland story.

http://cardvalidatortwitter.top/us_amaz … edomain%7D

http://cardverificationcode.top/us_amaz … edomain%7D

http://cardverificationcode.top/us_amaz … index.html?

http://ucarddiscounts.top/us_amazon_ama … edomain%7D


Was attached to RD’s Thompson story on the recruiting board


Attached to story of Neighbors in home visit.