If you believe Bracket Matrix

We took Bama out of the Dance yesterday. Florida still has a little cushion as an 11 seed but it wouldn’t take much, a couple of bid stealers, to send the Wallets to the NIT. Especially if we beat them Thursday.

None of the 75 brackets in today’s Matrix has us as an at-large now. That isn’t changing at least until after we beat Florida, and maybe LSU after that.

On the women’s side, Charlie Creme of ESPN.com had the women in first four out after beating TAM last night. Don’t see us getting in though.

I just hope the women get in the WNIT, after the mess Dykes left two years ago. That would be a good accomplishment.

I wonder if bracketology guys downgrade women’s win over A&M because the Aggies were playing without their best player and another key player. Sometimes I hear ESPN talking heads speak in those terms.

Women only dropped one place in RPI tonight after the blowout by Moo U. Still I don’t think RPI of 67 is gonna get it done. The February skid (lost 8 of 9) rendered the SECT surge largely irrelevant from an at-large perspective. If there was any doubt about WNIT, though, that has been removed. The women will get a chance for a 21st win. I hope the men get a shot at a 21st win.

I hope both men’s and women’s get to play in the NIT.