If you are into golf, you might enjoy this

We built a page describing The Blessings with photos and comments about each hole from the course’s general manager.


I’d wondered what the course looked like. Thanks for the look. I wish I could attend the NCAA but I’m 1000 miles away now.

Good stuff thanks for taking the time to post this.

Hole No. 8: “An accurate short iron is required to avoid trouble around the well-contoured green.” I don’t have one of those in my bag.

The Blessings is absolutely kicking their tails. Best team total among the morning tee times is +18. Hogs are going off in the last groups with Florida and Auburn and haven’t posted any scores yet.

I wonder if this guy could help Arkansas’ golf team next year

Wow, that brings back memories. I don’t live on the golf course any more. I live on a river. Ha!