If you are an AD in a Power 5 conference

Why in the world do you schedule a difficult non conference opponent (though now mandated by league offices)? If Penn State played Missouri State instead of Pitt, reckon they’d be in the playoff?

Pitt is a rivalry game for Penn State. It’s like us playing TCU or Texas

In fully aware. I still wouldn’t schedule it. There seems to be no benefit.

I tend to agree with this. While I think O. State is the better team, they lost to Penn St. in a head to head matchup. Penn St. also won the division and conference championship so I believe if there’s a Big 10 representative in the playoffs it should’ve been them. I’m sure most Hog fans would be terrible upset if we this scenario played out for our team. Imagine if the Hogs would’ve beat Alabama and won the SEC championship only to be left out of the playoffs with Alabama going because of perception…

Short memory. Wasn’t it two years ago when Baylor and TCU got left out of the NCG because they ate too many cupcakes? Playing better teams does two things: improves your SOS and makes you a better team. Overall A good SOS is better than a bad one. It’s an important factor; just not the only factor. Washington got in despite a weak schedule, not because of it.

I suspect Penn State’s 5-touchdown loss to Michigan had as much to do with getting left out as the loss to Pitt.

The 3 TD win by Ohio State over Oklahoma in a non-conference matchup didn’t hurt Ohio State either. They did lose the head-to-head with PSU, but their overall resume is better.

The committee backed itself into a bad corner by never reconsidering Clemson’s worthiness enough. After losing to Pitt at home (right after Pitt had been blown out by Miami), Clemson never dropped lower than fourth. This was a fatal mistake, because right ahead of them were Ohio State and Michigan + one of those two was destined to fall out.

The committee made it a layup for Clemson to make the playoff from there - remaining games Wake Forest, South Carolina and the conference title game against the winner of the lesser Coastal division.

Only thing that saved Clemson, perhaps, was Washington losing on the same weekend + Louisville being ranked fifth, rather than another team that had some staying power. It was inevitable that Clemson would move back up.

Then the final stroke - rating Clemson No. 2 solely because it won the ACC - was window-dressing. What did Clemson achieve this season that was more impressive than what Penn State and Michigan did? Penn State beat Ohio State, Wisconsin, Iowa, Minnesota and Temple (10-3, AAC winner). Michigan beat Penn State, Wisconsin and Colorado. Clemson beat nobody that finished in the playoff top 10. Both Penn State and Michigan beat two top 10 teams. TWO to ZERO.

Only one team in the final four didn’t even play a team that finished in the playoff top 10. Guess who that was.

I’m sure there is some politics involved in the Penn State-Pitt deal. We are too far away to fully understand it. But I don’t think Penn State can get out of that series.

Penn State didn’t play Pitt for 16 years, due I think to PSU’s Big Ten schedule requirements. They resumed the series … this year. Signed a four-year contract. Will they keep playing after 2019? With nine Big Ten games, and Pitt’s scheduling demands in the ACC, it may not work out.

I listened to a lot of radio talking heads last night discussing the CFP field and what it means in terms of scheduling. Their point, which I think is valid, is yes, Washington got in with a squishy NC schedule, but it’s not a gamble you want to be taking. And I’m sure UW didn’t make this schedule with playoffs in mind. They hadn’t won 10 games since their last Rose Bowl team in 2000. Finished 7-6 last year.

Most Power 5 leagues are now requiring that you play a Power 5 NC team somewhere in there, a requirement which we may have to get a waiver for after Meechigan dropped us. Do that, and you’re not in the Washington situation.

When one thinks about it in these terms and it hits close to home it’s easier to understand and see this perspective - good thought.

The thing is that Penn State was eaten alive by Meechigan (49-10). That loss had to have affected the seeding.

And both ESPN and the committee chair said the win over Choklahoma is what got them in. Think about that