If wishes were horses, I'd have a ranch............

…I like those Lucinda Williams lyrics better than the “…then beggars would ride.” ending to that old song.

We were so close to a ten plus win season last year that it really hurts when I think about it. I know we got a miracle for the ages win against the Black Missy Bears, but if only we hadn’t let Toledo get away, if we could have just hung on late against A&M, and if only we had blocked for that MissStake field goal… imagine where we would be right now. Imagine the impact of THAT season on last years recruiting. Could we be starting this year nationally ranked with 2 or 3 additional high star recruits competing for early playing time?

I think your opening line says it. We did use up a ton of luck against the bears. We got beat by Toledo and A&M because our defense against the pass was just plain bad and could not cover anyone with a blanket. We could have beaten State again with just a little pass defense or as you stated, a little kick protection blocking.

Still, you make a good point. We were close. Those were all rather typical (except ole mrs) SEC games. Expect more of the same this season. That is what makes it such a fun league.