If what I heard today is true

To clarify your comparison & conclusion, Petrino was 5-11 in his first 2 rebuilding years (.31%) and 12-4 (.75%) in his last 2 yrs. We can & should do better than .53%.

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Mike Leach has a 66% conference winning percentage at WSU if you remove his “rebuild years” as you did with Petrino at Arkansas.

Noticed you gave Petrino that little boost but failed to do the same for Leach.

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“To clarify your comparison and conclusion”: Leach was 7-20 his first 3 rebuilding year (26%). He was 20-7 in his last 3 years (74%).

Just sayin’

It doesn’t matter who you hire, you’re going to have to offer a market-rate buyout, and the market is highest in the SEC. It is the cost of doing business in big-time football.

Like I posted elsewhere, Morris’ buyout is much more reasonable than his predecessor, whose buyout at the time of his firing was higher than the amount he would have earned by simply coaching the final three years on his contract. Morris’ buyout language is simple: 70 percent of whatever is owed on his contract at the time of his firing.

Valid points.
The variable with Leach & Nutt is that their successful seasons were years when their conferences were weak. Pac12 is extremely bad & Leach is 0-3 which is concerning. SEC West is not as easy.

Petrino competed well in a more competitive SEC but unknown if he could have continued that success - especially after his last stint at Louisville. Like Leach, Petrino focused on offense while defenses were weak. Petrino did leave CBB good talent that CBB was unable to sustain which contributed to his decline. CCM inherited CBB decimated talent, but unsure how much of that to blame on our current season.

Being so close to TX recruits & in SEC, Arkansas is capable of top 10 teams (with the right coach & proof of success). Despite our current situation, hope Arkansas fans maintain a high level standard for success.

What we really need to do is support our current coach so that he can confidently do the very best job he can do, without the constant negativity surrounding him. Of course, that is football these days, but I do believe he has the knowledge and skills to win. Give him a 3rd year for sure. Then, when he is playing with a couple of recruiting classes that are his, we’ll see how he does.


Hate to have my 3rd year solely depending on next years schedule. There always tough and brutal but next years seems god awful tough

You are incorrect General. Don’t know who tells you things, or if it’s your job to throw cold water on anyones’ opinion except yours. Are you some double agent that’s here to police the board? But JCP stated clearly there were several that wanted the job. Kiffin wanted the job as well. But the price dropped to 3.5 after Gus played us, and the only 2 left were Norvell and Morris. We ran off all the others with that lowball offer. That is a not a rumor, or opinion, that is a fact.

And if you know so much, why don’t you bust out some names and facts? Set us straight if the info we have is so wrong.

I’m not throwing cold water on peoples opinions. I’m throwing cold water on what some claim to be a fact.

And you are wrong, it’s not fact what you stated about certain coaches.

I don’t have any names, but I know who was/wasn’t considered or interested.

Message boards have been around since the late 90s, as best I can tell. I have been a part of them for right at 20 years. What I’ve learned is that there are very few people who have any stroke when it comes to hiring/firing coaches. They like to hear themselves talk, or at least some do, but there is usually some “slippage” between what they say and how they act.

An awful lot of fans know SOMEONE who MAY have some stroke and likes to hear themselves talk. That goes for me, as well. Usually, they are connected to the ears that hear the power players talk idly. Thus, by the time the “fan” posts what they heard it is 3rd or 4th hand knowledge. Every play telephone as a child?

Head coaches at large programs rarely have the luxury of being “known” to be interested in another job. If they formally “look” they are in trouble at their current school. It is a cat and mouse game that the coach hands over to an agent or close friend. If you are a coordinator looking to become a HC it is totally different. HC have to be very careful, though, about actively seeking another job.

I am acquainted with an OSU booster who called me when we hired Bielema and said, “congratulations on getting Mike Gundy.”

Gundy’s agent had reached out, desperate to get Gundy out of OSU (he and T. Boone had gone through a spat and Gundy felt he was never going to win it all there). The agent was led along by UA as a distraction for UA’s work to hire Bielema. But, the agent had contacted Gundy saying “it looks good” and Gundy, or someone connected to Gundy, had gone as far as to reach out and say, “thanks for supporting me at OSU”.

So, I always read these posts. And, I always enjoy the speculation. But, I also take it with a grain of salt. The more someone tells me “they” heard first hand the more likely I know they are not being fully accurate.

BS General. Considered and interested are 2 different things. Why don’t you enlighten me since my info seems to be different than yours. What coaches did I miss on?

Did you listen or see the podcast with Bo that JCP was on? Are you saying she was lying?

Honestly, I still believe Morris can turn it around. He needs a QB. If he gets better QB play we’re at worst 4-2 and no one is saying anything.

Well Starkel and Hicks are his guys…

Until after the bama game, then KJ becomes his guy. imo

I don’t know. Yesterday’s practice report makes it look like it’s JSJ getting the 1st team practice reps, not KJ. If there’s not a huge talent difference, JSJ has twice the time as KJ in this offensive system.

I have no idea who you are, but I know who general is and he has very, very, VERY good sources.

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I think both the young guys are going to get some chances in the last few games. JSJ would be the candidate this week, since he does not have a redshirt to burn, Hicks is apparently gimpy and has not been consistent, and Starkel appears to have a confidence problem-his own and/or the staff’s.

If we lose to Bama by 50 with JSJ running the show, it’s not going to be any worse for CM than if Hicks/Starkel play and we lose by 30. So now is as good a time as any to let a scholarship QB who has been in the program for 15 months show if he belongs.

Going forward, I can’t imagine Jefferson not playing-a lot- in the last four games, unless one of the others suddenly becomes good enough to go on a big winning streak. CM has got to have something to generate hope and belief in November, and if Jefferson shows he can be the man next year that might be enough to save CM’s job. Maybe. If we find a way to win another game or two.

You guys and gals should know by now that when coaches and administrators open their mouths, the truth does not always come out.

Would you finally get the he-- off the board for awhile as your crap gets old. You been spewing the same crap for years. You sound like a 16 year old spoiled kid,

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Some agree with you - some disagree.

I’ll pass on your suggestion Texas😀