If we win next 2 and 2 in SECT, seems like we are a 3

We are Lunardi’s highest rated 4 seed right now.

If we win both our regular season games left (where we should be heavily favored), and make the finals of SECT (meaning 2 wins), seems highly likely we get to the 3 line–mainly because it is highly likely that at least 1-2 teams on the 3 line currently will lose a game in the next 2 weeks. The SECT final occurs to late to impact the bracket (unless a team not in the field wins obviously)

Getting to 3 seems key as it avoids a match up with a #1 seed in the sweet 16.

Agree. If we don’t stumble and lose to SC or A&M we can end up a 3 seed under your scenario.

I also believe there is a scenario that could get us a 2 seed. We don’t control this destiny because Bama would also need to win out until the SEC Championship game. If we both make the title game without a loss along the way, I believe the committee would pencil in the winner in the 2 seed slot and the loser in the 3 seed, regardless of who wins. They’ve done that before in similar situations.

I think there are more ways to get to a 2 than that. Other people above us are still playing and can lose. Houston to Memphis for instance. Iowa taking a beatdown this afternoon at tOSU like they took against Michigan. Florida State could take a bad loss at Notre Dame. Ditto WVU at TCU. Lots of moving parts that can fit together a lot of ways.

I think the Hogs may run into a buzz saw in Columbia. Martin’s teams can give better teams fits, especially in SC. Any win there by the Hogs will be a good win.

On cue, #2 seed Nova in danger of a really bad loss to Butler right now

It will be a dog fight, any SEC road game is. Looking forward to the matchup.

Villanova just lost to Butler! Q-? Butler’s record is well below .500

Is St. Johns getting in? I hate to face teams in this situation.

Nova got beat! Nova looks like a 8/9 seed to me.

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