If we win at LSU

The SEC better strap in tight! This ‘11th’ in the SEC deal is gonna a tad bit face eggy as well. Experts, gotta love’m.

They better strap in tight anyway, these guys ain’t no joke!

I just want to know, where are we on dunks per game compared to previous years. Seems like not as many, but on the other hand, we (Whitt) are hitting those 10 to 15 footers at an unprecedented pace.

I bet we played more games and we have dunks.

DPG is not great but not terrible, however they laid an egg tonight. They played a bad ballgame and won.
However 30 points from the 3 point line is nice, especially in a slow horrible game like tonight.

As Nolan once said to Tim Scott at halftime after a poor shooting first half against Kansas ‘ you are a shooter, keep shooting, we are gonna need the ones you do make’. For us, although our 3% isn’t great ( I do think it will get better) it’s about the ones we make.

Yes sir!!

When have the pundits in the SEC ever given our hogs any credit or respect? Never. The hogs normally finish higher in basketball than predicted.

One of the most exciting, greatest Hog games I’ve ever watched. Felt like that was the defining breakout game of the Nolan era.

That’s a good thing. And, we haven’t earned anything in 20 years. Get back to the sweet 16 and then you can be bitter if we don’t get love.

It hasn’t been too long since our hogs got a screw job from the zebras that all but prevented the return to the sweet 16. North Carolina or don’t you remember.

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Wasn’t that the Larry Brown coached, Danny Manning led team that eventually won the national championship? It was definitely a ground breaking win!

Arkansas has 34 dunks this season. Twenty-five came in November.

We will have to play much much better to pull out a win at LSU. Need to eliminate the scoring droughts. We were just fortunate that A&M had more scoring droughts than us.

Fortune favors the bold.

I feel that LSU and Arkansas have two fairly similar, and recent, opponents which allows for reasonable comparison. LSU lost a very close game at USC (er, LA), while the Hogs won a close game at Indy. The Hogs and LSU have comparable NET rankings while USC and Indy’s rankings and records are similar.

In sum, I suspect LSU and Arkansas would fare similarly on a neutral court. Wednesday night’s game is in Baton Rouge, I think that’ll be the difference. Should the Hogs win, it would intimate a 14-4 like SEC run.

I’ll be surprised but not shocked if we win.

Keep playing that hard defense, and add a little bit of luck behind the arch, and we walk away with a really impressive win.

LSU will be by far the biggest team we’ve played. They have a couple of grown men down there! if we don’t have a tremendous night hitting 3’s it has a chance to get ugly,we will have to do an unbelievable job of blocking out or they are going to control the offensive glass. I love how we work hard on defense so maybe we can turnoversget and lead to some easy baskets. These teams better enjoy it while they can!