If We Want to Win/Contend for SEC West

  1. Let’s get some 4-5* olinemen & Dlinemen. We need to sign a top 5-10 rated Oline & Dline class, instead of all these tight ends CBB touted as being so good.
  2. Hire a coach that can do #1 above and add some speed at our skill positions on offense & some in the back end of our D. And we need to recruit quality depth in the trenches.
  3. Hire the right coach but several rumored names that don’t excite me— Strong, Holtz, Kiffin, Leach, Sumlin, etc bc most of them have not led power 5 schools to championships with previous opportunities. Strong, Kiffin, & Sumlin have all held better jobs than ours & didn’t do it. I like the idea of Norvell or Dowell. We need young, fresh blood in this program right now to breath some excitement into the fan base.

Please tell me when we ever did number one, and how do you think we could accomplish that now?

Well, that was always considered Bret Bielema’s strength as a coach, having big strong linemen. Everybody comes into a job thinking they’ve got a good solid plan, some just get their plan executed better than others.

I like Mike Norvell. to add to some of this info.

IMO we need some taller WR’s with some speed. Maybe not 4.3 speed but that ability to catch anything thrown his way. And another Drew Morgan.

Game changers. A punter that can flip the field. Seems like we have a FG kicker. SOMEBODY that can return punts. I maybe way off but we had to be in the bottom of the SEC in that regard.

Game changers on both sides of the ball.

New coach with a staff whos knows how to RECRUIT, recruit and recruit!!!

And Recruit!