If we truly are waiting on Beard

then honestly it’s worth a shot. If his agent has told HY that he has legitimate interest then it is the smart play. Even if we get turned down (and I’m 90% sure we get Malzahned) then no harm, no foul.

Musselman, Alford and any of the other guys will still be available. I really like Musselman, but he is still going to be available a week from now.

After being anxious I’m numb to the process so I’m not in a hurry anymore.

I wonder if Musselman might wait to see what happens at LSU anyway? He has worked there. Somehow LSU manages to get great players.

So much talent in that region. I remember when John Brady went to the F4 with Big Baby and company. All 5 starters were within a 100 mile radius of the campus or something crazy like that. Not to mention they are famous recruiting in the gray area.

I’m thinking “recruiting the the gray area” has been exposed to be recruiting on the dark side.

I have a friend that has some inside connection to NCAA recruiting. He says that Will Wade certainly did not follow the typical coach path on funneling money. Everything is done in private. Not on the phone.

Wade is using his suspension time-off to hone his craft. He is working diligently on Calipari’s on line course, “How to pay recruits and families without getting caught”. Bruce Pearl, in his upcoming book, credits Calipari’s course for enabling him to get Auburn to the final four. “The black market course is very expensive, but well worth the cost”, quotes Pearl.

Money leaves a trail that is very easy to follow. Therefore, other than a little pocket money, it is not possible to pay players and/or their family without getting caught unless the NCAA chooses to look the other way.

The NCAA can’t catch everybody and coaches know it. It has to fall into their lap, like an FBI wiretap or an Instagram post of a kid flashing a wad of cash.

We might be waiting on beard and I have no clue if there has been any indicated interest but I think the chances are remote we could hire him. I just hope we don’t lose a coach looking for the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow. And after the downpours we’ve had in Little Rock a rainbow would be great to see. I remember the malzhan thin.

Oh, yes, it is.

One school used to go through a church.

Shouldn’t talk about LSU like that! Lol.

It would appear that Arkansas AD Yurachek indeed wants to talk to Chris Beard and the Arkansas job is in a holding pattern until that meeting happens. So says Bob Holt.

Looks like the search will be going well into next week.


Dudley…are your referring to Cam Newton and his father with regard to the church thing?

Nope, it was a basketball pipeline.