If we quickly hire a replacement for Jimmy Dykes,

It is too late, to salvage our horrible 2017 recruiting class?

I would think it will be after the NCAA tournament before they hire a coach. The 3 obvious candidates are Schafer, Aston and Neighbors because of their connections to the state and the UofA.

I’m told Mike Neighbors has a big buyout at Washington and the inside track may be Vic Schaffer

I know a little bit about the Neighbors situation and I’m told that it’s not a slam dunk that he would take the job if offered.

I know that Mike in absolutely interested, but things would have to work out for it to happen.

“May 2015, fresh off the Huskies’ first NCAA tournament berth in eight years, Neighbors received a two-year extension that bumped his annual salary to $360,000 from 2015-17. Before Friday’s announcement, he was scheduled to earn a pay increase to $420,000 for 2018-19 and to $440,000 for 2019-20.”

I found one of those state employee database things last night from Washington state that said Neighbors made $436,500 in 2015.

Will Vic leave that great MSU team and his daughter than plays on the team.

too late to sign the outstanding kid out of LR? that Gino came to see?

I wouldn’t leave a team one of my kids played on for another job? Especially when the school already had the chance to give me the job and failed too. He may but it would surprise me.
It’s a loss of another season and you couldn’t expect a coach being hired now to held accountable for the recruiting class or what failures follow next season.

Not trying to argue but just curious…why in the world would he be even remotely interested. Has a decent gig with good pay, been passed over before, his mentor was treated shabbily at Ark…etc.

You do realize you just described Mike Anderson situation in March 2011.

He came back to a place he was very familiar with see Nebraska Head Coach Dave Van Horne (Baseball America National Coach of the Year: 2001 & Big 12 Coach of the Year: 2001)

I’m not saying he’s coming but never underestimate the pull of wanting to be a hometown hero. (See Jimmy Dykes)

Let’s just say I talked to someone extremely close to him that told me that.