If we lose to the Tide

…and we well may, I want to say this. Ahead of time.

The season will not be over! Once we get past Bama, win or lose, I think we are better than EVERY TEAM left on our schedule. That doesn’t mean we will win them all. Or even be favored every game. The schedule is incredibly difficult. A grind. But from what I have seen, I think we are better than all remaining teams…and will have a real chance to win out.

10-2 will still be an actual possibility! Not a pipe dream. 10-2, or 9-3 for that matter would be a great season with this schedule.

Now, I am hoping we beat Bama! I think we have a real chance, despite what Vegas says., But, if we come up short again, let’s not come onto the board acting like the season is over.

It will not be.

Thank you Sam for bring the fun back to football! And being a class act as you did it.


I have said all week that I think we win Saturday, and I’m not backing off that. I put money on it. Some might call me a fool, but we gave the game away to A$M. We have a damn good football team. Trust me, Saban ain’t sleeping easy.


Old men don’t sleep as much anyway.


Is that why I’m posting at 2 AM?

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I am up checking on the hurricane. Its jogged east again. Charleston itself is gonna really dodge it. Myrtle Beach is gonna get much more wind and rain.


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