If we hold on and win, in my opinion the MVP of the super should be Scroggins…

I know it will be Heston because offensive stats usually rule the day, but where oh where would we have been if Scroggins didn’t come in and steady things down after that shaky start by Wicklander?

I’m glad we will never have to find out…


Let’s not forget what Zay did either.

MVP for today, definitely Scroggins. For the Super, it’s Ezell imo.

Scroggins today Zay for game one. Ezell overall.

That’s be my list, too

I agree wholeheartedly but remember it is a team effort. But the rest of the team helped set those guys up for success. Fletcher’s throw in the eighth didn’t matter in the grand scheme of things but definitely added an explanation point.

The MVP of the Super is Ezell… he’s one of the most complete leadoff guys we’ve had in a long time. Batted over .500, patience at the plate, switch hitter, glove, speed… like a coach on the field.

That’s my point; Scroggins was MVP for game 3, and that’s the one that we HAD to have.

As it turned out, with all the runs, it would be easy to discount the pitching. But at the time he came in, it looked for all the world like today was going to be a repeat of yesterday’s disastrous pitching. But this time, instead of pouring kerosene on a burning fire, he snuffed it out with cold water. Who knows how we’ll our offense would have responded if Ole Miss had put up four or five early runs to jump out front, like they did yesterday? They were dangerously close to doing so. [color=#BF0000]As DVH himself said after the game: “Cody getting that third out was huge because if they get three there we’re in trouble”[/color].

Best news of all is that there are several legitimate options to consider for Super MVP - that’s a good thing! But my vote still goes to Scroggins. With the trip to the Super in the balance, he made the tide-turning difference.


Wicklander was on a very short leash! Early in the year DVH may have left him in the game a little longer. Scroggins was huge on the mound but the whole team helped out those runs on the board.

We will need Wicklander and Noland to win in Omaha. There’s a lot of MVP’s.
For the super. Ezell
For Game 3. Scroggins.