If we hire a new coach

If we hire a new coach, I want:
•\tSomeone moral. Ethical. Someone who doesn’t cheat, who loves his players, who treats fans and his staff with a caring spirit. I don’t care what their religion or political views are. Just be a good person. Yes…having a good person as our coach is important to me. Winning at all cost? Nah. I’ll pass.
•\tI want someone entertaining and charismatic. Maybe Broyles spoiled me, but I like being able to enjoy hearing our Coach talk.
•\tI want a coach that believes in physical football. I like teams that run the ball. Bama runs the ball. Ohio State runs it. You can still win championships being physical. In fact, almost all championship teams still are.
•\tI want a coach that works hard at recruiting, but also understands that at Arkansas, we have to develop kids. Have a good walk-on program. We will not ever, ever out-recruit the elite programs. Unless LR becomes a HS football hotbed again, we are not really within 150 miles of a football center other than Tulsa…which is and will always be slanted toward the Sooners.
•\tI want a coach that wants to win badly…but remains classy in the face of adversity….teaching not only his kids but kids in general life lessons by his very actions.
•\tI do want a coach that has won conference championships. Has experience.

I know. This is a lot of things. Wait. We already have a coach that fits all of these.
That’s why I support Bret being given one more year to get this turned around.

If he doesn’t after a year, so be it. But…go look at the roster. We have talent. Just young. Get a handful of guys that can help next year and I think the turnaround will happen…and this year will be the occasional bad year most programs have.

This is a very confusing situation and I ebb and flow on it.
I am not totally sure how this has gone wrong. I am sure I am not alone. He seems to have everything in place. His program is respected, but man does it go off the rails at very bad times.
There is no doubt this sad sack defense has been the key to the failures of the last three seasons. But the lack of attention or success with special teams has been equally troubling. It is called punt returning, not punt catching for a start.
When he first got here he needed everything except maybe defensive end. There was no way he could recruit everything at once. Hence he has come up short in several positions depth-wise. Most notably at OL and DB. With Pittman here the OL did well and it also appears the Chaney offense was under-appreciated. Losing those two was a blow. Coming up short at DB was a killing blow.
Who do you blame when players make the same mistakes…FOREVER? Can the coaches not teach or can the players not learn? There seems to be a core of players who cannot learn and make the same mistakes over and over. Killer mistakes. When this is primarily on defense you have no real chance. When are these players to blame? Yet the coach recruited them and is known as a turner of three star players into four star players.
Like I said I have easily another dozen confusing questions like these. I can only imagine the soul searching CBB is going through. This is a proud man who cannot say publicly what he is thinking because he cannot trash his players or staff. Then he is blamed for being evasive and not forthcoming. Oy! The one time he cut loose publicly on his kicker he was lambasted.
Why does anyone want to be a head coach?