IF We Have Any Coaches Leave

We should start to hear something this week?

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I would think ASAP. Like today…

BTW any rumor mill stuff? I would think somebody would have started something? So what I was think was the Tide or Bulldogs coaches started any moves? Have any already moving and would start a domino effect that would eventually affected us.

Kirby is going to have a couple of openings on his staff. Dc landing heading to Oregon. Rumor is his wr coach is going to LSU.

With nfl jobs opening up now the secondary moves will begin. Depends on Alabama as far as the nfl.

I don’t see any of our guys on nfl radars but would they go to Georgia or Alabama? That is an interesting question for Odom or maybe briles.

What I was thing was the Tide and Bulldogs have coaches leave. Team A is replaced by a coach from Team C and then team C wants our coach. Does that make any sense?

I don’t think that’s a probable scenario. If Odom or Briles were to leave, it would be either to become HCs or move up to a school like Georgia. Not sure anyone else on our staff would be coordinator material right now except Loggains.

There have been no rumors of coaching changes on Pittman’s staff.


Good. Ole miss is losing their running backs coach. Don’t want to lose coach smith either.

I don’t see any movement right now.


From what I have read, the Miami insiders still are mentioning Briles as a possibility for their OC job (which is actually a co-oc job).

If there are going to be any changes, you would think we’ll hear about it this week. But then, nobody expected us to have to fill an assistant coaching job last summer (when Brad Davis left).

Why would Briles leave to be a CO OC?

Hopefully he won’t, but the rumors were that Miami might offer him significantly more money than he’s making here.

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