If we get Calloway

and keep everyone we have currently committed, I will be more than happy with this class. Three definite impact secondary players, and maybe more than that. Great WR haul. Those were the glaring needs. That and more o-lineman. I think it is shaping up to be a really good class.

Just gotta sign Chevin. And keep Buster Brown!

I figure we will end up with Melvin Johnson, but I’m worried we don’t have any better talent this go-round. Not for right now’s needs, but for future.

I agree this is a very good class for Arkansas but, regardless of who we sign we will still be in the lower half of the SEC because at least 9 SEC teams will be ranked above us.

Arkansas will have to close well to get back into the top 25. Teams from about the mid-teens to # 24 have as much room to add recruits as does the Razorbacks. Arkansas is ranked #27 by Scout and UNC at#26 has as much room as we do to add players.

#28 through #31 can also add several players and no doubt will. So CBB will have to close well to stay in the top 30 in Scout’s ranking.

And unfortunately there are three SEC teams just behind Arkansas, and if they close well, could put Arkansas’ class at #12 in the conference.

And yet, if we get Calloway, many people believe this may be the best DB class Arkansas has signed in a long time. DBs are a position of need. So are WRs, and the Hogs picked up the best JUCO WR in the country among other signees. It’s not the ranking coming in; it’s the ranking going out that matters the most.

If the newbies are as good as most think they are and can make a difference in the SEC early, then you may be right.

There is one ranking service that has Arkansas ranked 22nd and just a cat hair from the Top 19. So, the way I see it, Chevin would put our team in the Top 20.

Anyone find it strange on Chevin’s twitter there are no pictures of his Arkansas OV or nothing about his in home visit with coach BB on Saturday?.Sounds like it went well , but strange no comments. I hope and think we still get him but lots of pics from Texas OV and some from Ole Miss, none from Arkansas Hope he is just so comfortable with us he didn’t need to post anything is it Wednesday yet? Hopefully I am just reading too much into it.

I believe you are.

Good thank you Dudley,

What time is Chevin supposed to announce and sign tomorrow?

I agree that we look good with Calloway. I think this class was solid and matched most of our needs except more Def Line help.