If we fire JL we are nuts

He is not just in charge of Football he is in charge of ALL athletics, basketball, softball,track and field, baseball, girls basketball and with the exception of football he has done quite well. BB resume was quite good and most everyone thought he was a good hire. It didn’t work out for whatever reason. No AD makes a great hire every time he or she hires a new coach in whatever sport.

CBB’s problems have given every group with a gripe at Long a chance to go after him as well:

  1. Petrino lovers who blame him for not finding a way to keep Petrino in charge despite the lying, hiring violations, and mistress keeping.
  2. Old Guard Broyles cronies whose good ole boy network got displaced by Long’s professionally trained and qualified new staffers.
  3. Malzahn lovers who blame Long for not hiring Malzahn when he had the chance, supposedly, and hiring the three time Big Ten Rose Bowl coach instead.
  4. A significant number of fans who just don’t like him because he is not from the south and doesn’t try to hide that fact.
  5. Any athletic success haters who think all that money (which the athletic program generates) should go to their pet part of the UofA and not to athletics. Like David Pryor.

I don’t believe they fire JL. But, he might leave on his own after that debacle with the BOT last week.

I think some of the folks who dislike JL for either not being in their pocket or for firing BP have seen this as an opportunity to leverage BB’s failure into bum rushing Long out the door at the same time. Some just want him gone, and some want someone more pliable in the job. Some of the media are listening to these folks and running with it, either out of sympathy or a desire to generate interest in their shows/columns, etc.

They are looking for and may be finding some potential allies among the “keep some games in Little Rock” crowd. I’m not sure if this is really a large number of people, but apparently they have the ear of some in the BOT, and might include some BOT members.

A third and probably small group, influenced by greed and envy among a few of the academics or maybe just their world view, wants to curb spending and power in the athletic department. For them it’s not that JL has done his job badly, it’s about bringing the athletic department to heel. So they might be willing to join in with the other two groups, ostensibly for the same reasons as the first two but actually in the hope they will do better with their agenda if JL is gone.

Even combined, those three groups are still fighting an uphill battle to get JL out, as long as the chancellor stays in his corner. Long also has a chance to further divide this group by arriving at some sort of solution to the Little Rock problem which pacifies those folks or at least gives the BOT some political cover.

I think you nailed it. Good post.

Sometimes you feel like a nut, sometimes you don’t.

I agree.

Businessman :!:

Agree. He’s done a good job across the board.

Great post. You nailed it and that is why we will probably be looked at as a bunch of dummies. Nothing ever changes in our great state.


yes this is a good post

The big picture should be looked at, not just one sport. Didn’t he hire MA and Neghbors? I believe the women’s BB is going to take off. Never cared too much for politics 101.

Something is wrong, a potentially volatile subject with no crazy posts. There is hope after all!

The real reason is we have Pepsi products instead of coke… That’s enough for me!

No Coke, No Peace!!

He also hired Jimmy Dykes in a failed PR move as well as Jim Grobe before he decided to back out.

Three of our most successful programs, baseball, and both Golf teams have coaches that pre-date JL.

He can have credit for MA and Bucknam.

You do realize that isn’t even his decision to make.

Don’t go trying to confuse me with facts, just start selling Diet Cokes around the campus or heads will roll, starting with Jeff Long and that guy who does the announcing for the band at halftime.

I suspect below is the usual list of Long haters that will be hollowing at you and the Moon, but I personally agree with you and I hope the school is smart enough to see that.
No doubt there that are mad about ticket prices going up, in some cases by a lot. Some dinosaurs on Bo’s show hate him just because he is a Yankee. But I am guessing all of the coaches love him for the great facilities he has made available to them and the support he shows their programs.
That is what an AD is supposed to do. And he has done it well.

No Coke. Pepsi! And cheeeps