If we don't play a freshman QB a lot this year...

then we’ll have 3 Freshman QB’s next year, 6 total on roster of 85 scholly’s.

That’s untenable. The staff well knows this. It’s just one more reason to give one of our 2 frosh QB’s a shot early and often.

Not that I’m envious of the frosh, with our receivers getting NO separation, the play calling being so vanilla that 2 terrible defenses have been all over us, and an OL “in the making”. No QB is going to do great, but at least the mobility of the frosh could help.

And ease the logjam at QB for the 2019 season


I think the play calling has been vanilla because the QBs are unable to execute the short to medium passing game with any proficiency. Outside of some deep throws against a bad FCS defense , there has been very little going only in the passing game.

I don’t think the playcalling is the problem - the lack of a competent trigger man is.

Reps are pretty precious because of limited practice time, but I suspect one will be getting more reps.


It is going to be an interesting week of practice snap distribution and teeth gnashing at the NEZ.