IF we don’t have Football in Fall

What happens to basketball and baseball as far as schedules are concerned? Both are spring sports though basketball begins in early November and baseball in mid February in SEC. It’s possible all 3 could be playing on a Saturday. I really hope they work it out to start football in fall, if not all sort of problems could occur!

If football isn’t started until spring what happens to so called spring football? What about signing dates? What about players that were scheduled to graduate in December? Are they able to play in spring or not? What about NFL draft? All sorts of problems !

I think the AD’s and school Presidents need to come up with way to start football in fall if not it will one big mess! I do agree with our AD having no fans should not be an option!

None of the issues you mentioned are a concern with why you must play football in the fall. The only reason they won’t play it in the fall would be because of health concerns. You are giving questions about the result of the move, not why it should be moved.

The other stuff must be figured out. But, if they don’t play football in fall, that other stuff you write about will have to jump behind the money maker. We all know that.

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