If we do get Musselman....

at least he has a very pretty wife. If we have to look at wives in the stands for the next 3 or 4 years, we could do a lot worse.

https://www.rgj.com/story/news/educatio … /98624988/

I’ve already burned up my three free reads at the Reno paper website. And have no desire to give Gannett any of my money after what they did to me in October 1991.

As Jack Buck used to say: That’s a winner!

He’s a salesman for sure. The first requirement for recruiting…

From the James Franklin school of thought . . .

“Together, the couple have a 7-year-old daughter, and he has two sons living in California from a previous relationship. Being on the west coast makes seeing his sons easier.”

Makes me wonder if he won’t be angling for UCLA (although SI reports that Jamie Dixon and Mick Cronin are the leaders there). On the other hand, Muss’s family ties didn’t stop him from serving a year as an assistant at LSU.

Oh well; we’ll see soon enough.

With what we’d be paying him, he can afford to fly from XNA to Cali, wherever it is, a few times a year; nonstops to LAX on AA/Allegiant and SFO on United. It’s not like a head coach has a ton of free time between recruiting and coaching anyway.

I would rather have Darrell Walker

Like NBA connections and on top of transfer portal. However, I think Chris Beard method of a superior evaluation eye for talent than ratings sites is best route. Until one and done rule is over, I don’t think Fayetteville is destination for highly rated recruits. If blue bloods have slots, they will go for greater visibilty of Kentucky and Kansas.
Two bad omens related to Musselman for me are first that he lost his committed juco star recruit Arlando Cook to Mike Anderson who gets bashed for his recruiting not making big expletive offers to lure talent. Cooks play didnt pay off for Mike. The second bad omen is his 7 seed was eliminated by Hog killing Keyvaughn Allen and Florida Gators. So he can’t beat Gators and Mike White either, despite returning a sweet 16 team.
To become skinny a fat kid does everything a skinny person does over time it works. Therefore, we should copy cat Kentucky and make Chris Beard a big expletive offer lifetime 8 million contract. To be the man, be like the man. Wooo!

Chris Beard has a bunch of transfers, a three-star from Lubbock who turned into a lottery pick, an Italian kid, and one four-star on the entire roster.

Which is similar to how Muss built his winning teams at Nevada.

Yes, I agree that recruiting highschoolers will not be as prominent as with other schools. This guy does it with older transfers and junior college players. You’ll see very different lineups from year to year, I bet. But he’s extremely smart, he’s a good talent evaluator, and can always piece together a winning team. I just wonder if that would create APR problems that Arkansas does not want to revisit. That could be a sticking point Musselman does not get hired. But I think he will win, and win quickly here. He’s my favorite candidate. Gotta start winning.