If we could get Houston as 2 seed in our region

Lunardi projects Arkansas a 3 seed and Houston a 2 seed. If that holds, it is very likely both end up in the same region. That would be the best available Sweet 16 matchup for us. Houston is a good rebounding team but very beatable.

The hogs would beat Houston 9 out of 10 times they play! But that 1 time could be the one game where they play like they haven’t seen a basketball in 10 years!

Yep. Pressure is now off the charts for all teams.

The biggest surprises to me so far is Georgetown and Texas.

This is the bracket I’ve been watching. From the most accurate bracketologist of the past five years. He has the same. I like the draw.

Yeah, I like that draw as well. Looks like a realistic chance for the Sweet 16…

That draw looks like a realistic shot at the Final Four

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