If we come out shooting jumpers and switching

every screen we will get run off the court again.

Barford has to play with urgency and quit running away from the ball.

If CJ can’t shoot the 3 today he has to stay on the bench. He is a huge liability on defense.

Lots of our players have to know their roles. We can’t have the wrong guys shooting or dribbling. I would tell Bailey if its not a dunk or lay up then pass it out. He has to work on his midrange game to be able to play consistent minutes.

Last but not least Gafford has to be on the block ready to get the ball. Our guards have to give him the ball early and let him work.

I hope I’m wrong but I just don’t see us winning today.

We will switch every screen. Our post will be on a guard and our guard will be on their big. It hadn’t changed since Anderson has been here, what makes you think it will change now.

I could understand switching if we were getting beat off the dribble but I don’t understand switching to give the other ream a mismatch. Seems like we create issues for ourselves that most of the time could be avoided. I will take a win though.

The rebounding is another broken record. We don’t have anyone to rebound because we let our bigs get on the perimeter on switches too much. Mike has to stop the 3 SR Guards playing so much 1 on 1 ball so the offense. Hall playing at the 3 was very telling that the spacing on the floor was better with more passing (with just 2 of the 3 SR guards on the Floor). As ALWAYS, We are leaving players open against good passing teams since we double-team the ball handler and then that is compounded by bad rebounding.

CMA’s trapping was killing us last year at this time too but he finally gave in and went to more zone WITHOUT TRAPS. Our rebounding improved, fouls were reduced, we played defense with our feet and the players were not fatigued as much. A lot of the problems are from double-teaming the ball handler which leaves us in reaction to the open person who we also foul.
Please stop the trapping so much and play some zone.