If we are the beneficiaries of the new redshirt rule, how do we know...............

…if someone at another school is taking a redshirt year to transfer to us? Do they have to announce they are redshirting and transferring and then they wait for the offers to come their way? If we decide to reach out to an announced redshirt, like maybe Jalen Hurts, or someone else equally exciting, would our insiders know? How does this new thing work exactly?

Anyone? Anyone? Buehler?

Not sure about all the nuances, but it will be interesting to see how they rewrite the rules where Saban can still control all those disgruntled four/five stars.

I think someone posted on here earlier that when they announce their intentions to transfer, their name goes into NCAA database. Once in database they can be contacted and “recruited”. I doubt that the schools would be able to announce who they are “recruiting”.

Players and schools will still have to get the ok to contact each other

Have to have room on the 85 man roster. Until you know exactly who leaves, pretty hard to figure out.