If we are going to wear anthrax

I hope we wear it with the traditional cardinal helmets. Better yet, with cardinal helmets and white pants. Bonus points if the pants have two cardinal stripes and the jerseys are clean looking without all the striping piping and tusking nonsense. There is only one thing worse than wearing red red red. That would be anthrax anthrax anthrax. Just butt ugly awful. Mix it up, break it up shake it up. GHG!

Well, I’m not going if we wear anthrax.

As long as there is a Hog on the helmet, I don’t care what color combinations the football team fields on game day unless they come out in burnt orange!

anthrax either.

But if they were anthracite - and they most certainly will - I will be going.

No complaining about it incessantly is going to change anything.

… really get on your nerves and cause you to break out in hives! :o

Good one!

I notice that the head coach was wearing an anthracite jacket today & frequently wears anthracite

Yeah, those anthrax uniforms are real killers. :smiley:

Who really cares? The Razorbacks won! :lol:

They’re not just killers, they’re public enemy #1.

Hope we have new cyanide uni’s this year. I’m more old school.

Nike is coming out with a bubonic plague uniform this fall, so, there’s that.

Nah. If you want old school, go with hemlock. Ask Socrates about that.

Maryland has been wearing those for years. :shock:

If recruits like anthracite, anthrax, or polka dot uniforms then I like them too. Well, maybe not polka dot, but within reason, we need to worry more about making recruits happy and less about making “old farts who want things like they used to be in the good old days” happy. When we have won a few national championships, then we can tell them to “take it or leave it.” Until then, make the bigtime recruits happy…again, within reason. I am not talking about Louisville Hooker Happy. :sunglasses:

As long as we have the liquid chrome helmet finish…I am good. Either red or silver…with silver a red chrome hog. Stylish.

You guys do know our school colors used to be purple, right? It was a long time ago, but true. We coulda been like LSU.

Actually, not true. What happened is that they let the students vote on school color, and the choices for the vote were cardinal and heliotrope, described as “moderate purple”. Fortunately they made the right choice. I’d hate to see a student in a purple pig costume cavorting on the sidelines at RRS.

Found this color swath online, described as “strong heliotrope”. There is actually a purple flower called heliotrope that is not nearly this dark. I would assume that if we were the Purple Pigs, it would be closer to this than to the flower.

And the flower:

I have actually seen a purple Arkansas pennant. It was on a Razorback website. Some collector.

I put my foot down if it’s anthrax. In fact, I will refuse to cover the team if they are dabbling in anthrax. Nike should be ashamed and it may kill their business.

I can only hope so Clay! LOL. Anthrax kills. Bodies, minds and traditions!

I don’t mind the anthracite uniforms. One change I would make would be to make the numbers red outlined in white instead of white numbers outlined in red.