If we advance to the championship game

Anyone considering going? Imma take my nephew, which he just got back from the Stanford game and fell in love! I told him he would! I’ve been b4 so I knew. I looked on official site for tickets, but if anyone has a btr idea on getting 2 tickets please inform me. Looking around third base line lower seats around 118 section.

I’m considering it. It’d be pretty easy to get there for Saturday’s game. Not sure I could stay for the 2nd or 3rd game, but if we were to win Saturday, I’d almost certainly stay for one more to be there in case we won it all.

Right now I just hope we’re playing Saturday.

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I agree, and same here, nephew has to work Monday, but I bet his boss would understand, once and a lifetime thing.


Good timing; I just hung up with the local kennel to book the pups so I can go up if we reach the finals.

Just can’t pass up the chance.


One thing to know about the finals this weekend is that Sunday’s Game 2 is an afternoon game, scheduled for 2 p.m.

I’m not crazy about it being an afternoon game. It means the finals could be over in less than 24 hours, and it might be an extra disadvantage for the team that loses Game 1. Although you can certainly make the case that the team that loses Game 1 might want to get back on the field as soon as possible and try to get a win. Less time to prepare, but less time to stew about what happened the day before.

Either way, IF Arkansas were to make it to the finals, that afternoon game helps people wanting to go up who have to be back on Monday for work. There is lots of work to do, but I sure hope the Hogs are playing this weekend.


Yup. After looking at airfares, which are ridiculous from NC to NE, I’m thinking of leaving Friday morning to drive. It helps that I have a place to stay there and he can get tickets. What doesn’t help is that it’s 20 hours in both directions.

The weather is supposed to be better this weekend which will help. It would be nice if we have a hogpile about 5:30 Sunday evening and I can start the drive home.

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Ticketmaster has seats for Saturday’s game in 118. Starting at $289 per ticket and going up.

StubHub is almost as bad, $255 and up.

Vivid Seats starts at $274.

So I guess it’s how bad you want to get in.

There are also club seats on the 200 level, which is the upper deck. Those start at $400 a pop on the third base side, but have more amenities.

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I bought my ticket for Game 2 in 2018 right after we won Game 1. Sat along first-base side on lower level for about $100.

Prices will likely climb until Wednesday, but then come back down once most (if not all but 2) teams are eliminated.

Thx, how are the upper deck seats? Never sat up there. Btr than lower deck?

I haven’t sat up there either. My seats in '18 were first base lower level for game 1 and right field bleachers for “that night”. The 200 level on that side will be one of the last places to get into the shade.

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Upper deck seats are not bad, even the 300 sections.

Unless the temperature is 100, then it’s brutal

For these two games I bought 300 level seats, then check Ticketmaster at start of game to see which seats are still for sale, and move there

Tonight I had to move over 3 times and still wound up on the 300 level, fortunately by then the sun was behind the stadium and the breeze was brisk

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