If Wally can't have Gus, he now wants Tim Horton?!?!?!?!?!

Is there no limit to his stupidity? He now is campaigning for someone who not only has never been a head coach at the D-1 level, he has never been a coordinator either! How about getting a coach who has proven he can run a D-1 program, has proven he is a good recruiter, that knows what it takes to be a great coordinator because he was one? How about starting with all of that and THEN let the one who most understands Arkansas and the Razorbacks of THAT bunch be the coach? Duh!!!

I’ll have to agree with you on _wally -all and also agree that hiring Tim would be gamble (because he’s not been a HC). However there are examples of great coaches that have not been an OC or DC (Dabo for instance). Some folks that I trust more than the short one think he’s very qualified.

I’m sure Tim is a great ‘Arkansas’ guy but IMO the Hogs better get someone with experience…

I happen to know Bo Hembree (coach of perennial Arkansas HS power Warren) a little and I think he would be very qualified too. Maybe he should be the next Razorback coach if we allow that kind of thinking. But, I tend to agree with Frank. He always hired folks with head coaching experience INCLUDING Hatfield and Nutt. Let’s get an experienced head coach Arkansas guy (or one who could, like Frank, become an Arkansas guy) with proven qualifications. JMVVVVVHO.

Bret Bielema has wrecked the program - worst 6 yr run in program history - and you bet it all on a career RB coach to fix it? Really?

Laughable. Tim Horton is a great Razorback, but that doesn’t mean he should be the HC.

Petrino and then Smith started the wrecking six years ago. Bret initially improved things, but then floundered in the end. He doesn’t deserve ALL the credit for the status or lack thereof of the program. You got to give Long some as well.

Petrino didn’t wreck the program, he wrecked the motorcycle and Long sent the program rolling downhill when he brought in Snuffy Smith and then Bielema.

I think Tim Horton’s the Canadian restaurant chain would be a highly qualified stadium vendor. I understand we need an upgrade in that department.

There are some influential donors in Arkansas who would like to see Tim Horton as the head coach. I don’t see it happening because of the lack of experience. There are some who also would like to see him as AD.

One thing to note on Tim: He was a coordinator once, but never coached a game in that role. He had been promoted to offensive coordinator at Air Force in 2007, but was hired away by Arkansas when Danny Nutt resigned that summer.

If Tim has the people skills his Dad demonstrated while at the Foundation, he would ace that part of the AD job. The business end of it would be the question.

You know, I’m not sure I’d mind Tim Horton as a head coach. I’m quite sure we could do worse, and very well ultimately might. He’s coached under some good head coaches. Arkansas through and through. He’d recruit very well, which is much more important that X’s and O’s.

Tim is very much like Harold. Both are among the nicest men you will meet; very personable.

South Carolina and Mississippi State hired their baseball coaches to be AD in the past five years. That shows you don’t have to have a business background to be in that role, but you have to surround yourself with smart businessmen. That said, hiring former coaches seems to be a trend that is going away in the AD world.

I actually don’t mind the baseball coach moving to AD. Those programs only get like 11.7 scholarships, are generally not revenue generating sports that have to watch the bottom line. Dave Van Horn would probably make a great AD.

I do not think Dave wants any part of being in administration.

If Tim had successful HC experience at another school or as a coordinator at a P5 school, I’d be quite happy to take a chance on him. He’s someone I’d love he new HC bring back in a coordinator’s role here. But it’s way too risky to bring him in as HC without any of that. We know people with HC experience don’t always succeed & that those without it often succeed well above expectations. As the Bible says, “The race is not always to the swift.” However, as the wag said, “that not the way to bet.”