If Wagner is out I hope we see Crawford

IMO, he is listed as 2nd team and believe he would be a better option than Clary

Clary is a senior.

Still believe he’s a better option than Clary. Besides, he’ll be hiking floaters to KJ

Clary will possibly be our center. Latham will probably start at RT. I hope Crawford is coming along, but I doubt he would be first option.

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I agree with this. I can’t wait to see Crawford and JSJ and chamblee and the other HUGE OL playing. But from what I can read, our best OL right now, are the veterans


If Stromberg can’t go Clary will be the center.

Actually I did not see any floaters from Clary. He snapped better than Stromberg. Stromberg has had several dribblers on the ground not make it back to KJ. This year, Clary is snapping well. I think he worked on it during the off season.

I watched crawford and st john closely when they were in. They both did pretty well and in some cases dominated their man. They both also made some mistakes which is one reason they aren’t starting.

Nah. All it takes is one false start at the wrong time or one missed block and the game is over. Clary has a better chance of not making either mistake than Tykeist. It’s not about the whole the game. It’s about the one play. Crawford will get some action no doubt. Just not as much.

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This is a tough offense for an o-lineman. There are no huddles. They look to the sideline to know the play. There is no one in a huddle to say this is the play.

As usual, the coaches who see these guys every day do not know near as much as us keyboard coaches as to who is the best players to be on the field.


I know Colorado, just “backseat” coaching!

Hey, we got to have fun with this stuff. I remember a basketball game years ago (before Sutton) when the “crowd” was calling for some player to be put in. (Van Eman perhaps) He said he would have loved to put him in, but the player was in Ft. Smith in the hospital.

I have been trying to forget the Van Eman years. Most was forgettable, except that great freshman team with The Tree.

Lanny tied for second in the SWC in 1973 at 16-10/9-5. That was Martin Terry and Dean Tolson. Terry was gone in 1974 and Lanny soon followed.

Crawford is not ready yet.

That would be a sure way to gets your QB hurt - to put in a guy that they clearly do not think is one of their top 7 or 8 yet

Sam Pittman and Cody Kennedy will likely go with experience against a defense that pretty good.

TC is blessed with potential, but this is likely not the right game for baptism by fire

I know Clary is the OL who gets the fan’s wrath, but he is obviously doing something right to have the trust of the coaches

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You’re right Dudley

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