If vote were taken today, Big 10 would be playing?

And…after years of hating Notre Dame, they finally do something positive. Maybe a reason to start liking them?

Nah…still hate 'em…

Notre Dame the savior of the 2020 College Football season?

I don’t hate them, I just am happy when Notre Dame loses.

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Now there’s a “glass half full” spin on my sentiments.

Texas and Notre Dame…the two teams I just can’t stand…when they play each other I’m really in a dilemma…one of my good friends describes it this way…“I hope for a scoreless tie and lots of injuries”…

I never wish for anyone to be hurt…but I understand what he’s saying…just hard to want any kind of success for either of those programs.

There is an important name left out of that article, Gretchen Whitmer. Is she the key or are other governors blocking Big 10 play in the fall?

Naw, for me that would be texass spit , mobilehoma, and the rebnecks.

Years ago there was a dog show photographer that I loved. He took wonderful picture, but his sense of humor was unbeatable. Back in the days of CB radios, he would be on his way to Oklahoma for a dog show during texass/blowu weekend. He would always get on his CB and taunt them both. He would tell them that during that weekend the population of both states was changed by all the blowu fans heading to Dallas. It increased the IQ of both states by 50%.

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My MIchigan State cousin keeps sending me texts to add my name to a large “play football, Big 10!” effort being made by fans/students of the Big 10. LOTS of very angry Big 10ers.


And the B1G commissioner just seems to be in hiding.

Sports Illustrated cited several sources that said the school presidents greatly underestimated the power football has at those schools. They cited the Michigan president as being particularly out of touch with the athletic department, and how much money it really generates for the school. The article goes on to say that there are big donors at UM whose allegiance is with the football program, not the school president, and they give millions or tens of millions of dollars. The Big Ten presidents were really not expecting the other conferences to proceed without them. They thought they were the lead dog in this situation and then they weren’t.

I might have looked over it in the article, but why the question about Gretchen Whitmer and other governors?

It’s common knowledge she’s responsible for all negative things related to MI. It’s quite possible she phoned up some like-minded governors in the B1G footprint to drive the cancellation of football. :roll_eyes:

Yup. She has the wrong letter after her name (rhymes with P) and someone in Washington doesn’t like her and has said so.

She is a nincompoop, and unfortunately the governor
of the state of Michigan. Your run of the mill power hungry
self-absorbed narcissist.

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I’m well aware of who she is.

I guess I was trying to figure out why she was brought up on a board that is not supposed to have political discussions on it.

Especially when she was not mentioned in the story and neither were any other political figures.

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Makes sense. I guess many folks either from that area or family and contacts there get the impression that the value and desire for college football was underestimated by leadership and especially from the state of Michigan.

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I think it’s fairly obvious when you consider where many of the major institutions of the BIG10 and PAC12 are located and that those two members of the Power 5 Conferences were the first and only ones to postpone its Fall Sports programs at such an early time without an attempt to give it an opportunity. They may have eventually made the same determination at a later date much like could possibly happen to the other P5 conferences and I believe that is why they are receiving so much pushback from their student athletes, fans and donors.

Not from that article, but an excerpt from nickadamsusa.com:
“Despite cancelling conference play and moving football back to the spring, many athletic directors within the Big Ten are looking at creating a six-team ten-game season for the fall. Allegedly, the only roadblock to this happening is Michigan Governor Gretchen Whitmer.”
Earlier she favored playing with no fans in the stands. Now she apparently doesn’t favor playing at all even though high school sports are being played in the UP. Her theme song could be Candle in the Wind. This is a political post only inasmuch as the governor of Michigan is a politician impacting the sports world.

Again, trying to figure out how on a place that is supposed to be non-political that we are having comments about Whitmer…or Trump…,or Biden…or Harris…,or Pence.

Again, SUPPOSED to be non-political.

Anybody got a sports question or comment?

Maybe we should just celebrate and rejoice in no NBA and no NFL and no college sports. We can just share about the days gone by, but that might wear thin after awhile. Thankfully I love to read and trade a bit. Fortunately we don’t have to worry about paychecks or home schooling- though we did that for the first five to six years for all three of our children.
Perhaps if ESPIN cuts the pro-sports big paydays it would open a few eyes. I would do just fine but I bet more than a few people would miss some nice fat paydays. What are your thoughts Dudley? Does this post stay neutral enough and maybe touch a little on sports without being political?

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Yes. I would say that was a sports post

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