If Vandy sweeps Miss St

Do they take back the #1 spot or do the hogs hold on another week? In my opinion the hogs and dors are pretty well even except on the mound. Those 2 starters they have are unreal. I do believe we are better from the pen and in late game save opportunities. Too bad we do not match up this year.

D1Baseball has already indicated we’ll remain #1 on Monday no matter what Vandy does. If they sweep Moo U at home… well, we swept them at Starkville.

We may or may not face Vandy in Hoover (hopefully after Rocker and Leiter have pitched). If we’re the 1 seed and they’re the 2 (or vice versa), we wouldn’t meet until the final. And we very well may face them in Omaha.

I would rather we faced Rocker or Leiter in Hoover. It would give us some experience if we see them in Omaha.

Here’s the relevant SEC schedule

2 seed plays Wednesday at 1ish pm Central
1 seed plays Wednesday at 4:30ish Central

2 seed plays losers bracket Thursday at 9:30 am Central, winners bracket at 4:30ish.
1 seed plays LB at 1ish, WB at 8ish.

If Vandy and us both win Wednesday and Thursday, we advance to the Saturday semis – but couldn’t play each other, If one or both lose, they’d have to win Friday to get to Saturday.

I can’t see Tim Corbin holding Rocker and Leiter until Saturday and Sunday. Their midweek pitching is not that solid to win twice against SEC opposition. He might pitch Rocker on Thursday and Leiter on Friday/Saturday, depending on earlier outcomes (like if their midweek guy gets beat on Wednesday).

Probably the only way we’d see either one is if one of us slips to the 4 seed so we’d be on the same side of the bracket (or we were 2 and 3 seeds).

We’ll stay #1 for the reasons that Swine said, plus the fact that we are the only SEC team not to have lost a SEC series yet.

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