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retired and washing my hands more than before but not letting it affect me.spent 30 years in law enforcement and was not able to "hunker down"self quarantine;or hibernate like the normal public.i go about my normal routines with some adjustments(liquor store…drive in;email order;or call ahead)and as the wife and I don’t eat out much…the restaurants closings doesn’t bother us too much…i did not realize how much sports or sports talk shows I was used to until the entire sportsworld has stopped.get tired of the constant "breaking news"and sensationalism of the media on every aspect and then the "we’re not trying to alarm you"but….slant that the stories take.hope all are well and doing what each of you believe to be the right course of action for you and yours.there’s only 1 Razorback and i’m damn proud to be part of its family…

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Like Scottie, not much has changed. Work from home too, Megan has been working from home. That’s the only difference.

I’ve always been a wash the hands person but I’m doing it more often. Blows me away when I see guys not wash their hands after doing their thing in the restroom. There are people I quit shaking hands with after see them leave the restroom and not washing their hands.

I’ve always had a home office that I wrote most stories out of that weren’t game stories or press conferences. My dog Fred is always in here with me.

I’ve tried to stay in a routine, making it more of a 10-6 type day instead of the wild hours we usually work that are based around the games, practices and press conferences.

My wife and I have started having a game hour or 2 each day. Pretty cool, Lots of conversation.

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Yes, I am able to spend time with my two girls and wife. Been working way too hard lately, and this is forcing me to slow down and take a breath. As they say, the good Lord works in mysterious ways. I’m certainly hoping and thinking He wants something good to come of all this, but I understand there’s a lot of suffering and both physical and financial worry right now. Such an odd thing, this pandemic. Everybody stay safe out there.

Today we pulled out our 1000 piece Razorback Stadium puzzle. I’m really not patient enough for a puzzle like this so we’ll see how it goes.
Only so much movies, TV and reading a person can do. And the fishing stinks right now.

I work for Walmart in their Pharmacy Technical group and I’ve been working from home for a week. My wife is in poor health right now and I am concerned about her. She doesnt get to go to town unless we have to. She had her gallbladder removed yesterday and now she has a cough. Everything has me freaked out right now.

I’m hoping we can go fishing this week. Fresh air is good to combat virus’ and spring fever

I didnt take this serious to start. I figured I’d lived through Sars, Mers, Swine Flu etc, how could this be worse?

I believe I was mistaken and this crap now scares me - bad.

Stay safe out there folks. We have NO idea where it’s at right now.

Far fetched, maybe. But interesting.

Worried about keeping my 80 something employees working. Doing all I can to make that happen. So far so good. My family is at home because schools are out. I could survive a shut down but my employees can’t. Been working all week In Illinois and just got home today. I supported a mom and pop bbq place all week while I was there. I bought several lunches for my team each day (Take out only) and took good care of their staff. I am choosing not to participate in this economic shutdown of our country. Obviously washing hands and using hand sanitizer often which is all you can do. Keeping distance and I only went to 4 places the 6 days I was there. Going back on the road next week to handle some business so about 6 of my folks don’t lose their job. If you want to know when all hell is going to break loose, wait until all these folks with no work run out of money. This will turn to anger at some point. Who they take it out on remains to be seen. Hoping the drug combination they’ve recommended works so we can all get back to our normal routines and America can get back to work.


Thank you for the great job you are doing. Our country and it’s people could not survive without truck drivers. We are asking you to keep working so we can have food and medicine in our stores. Thank you and stay safe.

Traded my golf habit for the old stand by of bass fishing in Florida… the fishing isolation is good mentally and physically.

Working Acft Mntc for AA here at DFW. Moving a lot of aircraft around and parking them. Strange to see so few wide body acft, and hardly any international flts. Airport mostly empty and many vendors closed. You can hear the airport “ music” playing. Surreal. Reminds me of 9/11.
Wife retired to NWA and I commute weekly from DFW to XNA. Flts normally oversold now have 10 passengers. Preparing for temporary furloughs, but unsure when and how long. Quite time will be welcomed

Trying to comply with the social distancing guidelines. I do strength training upstairs with my bowflex and I go walk at a park. There are very few people out. When it gets warmer I plan to air up the tires on my bike (Hey, I;m 75 and I still need the exercise).

My wife and I went on a 1960’s date a couple of days ago. We made us some bologna sandwiches, packed some potato chips and vanilla wafers and drove to a park. We sat in the car, looked at the scenery and talked. When we first got married we were so poor we had to ration a loaf of bread. We both enjoyed our date.

I have started ordering my groceries from Harps. Tried to order from Wal-mart but their service was messed up. Harps delivered what I ordered in a short period of time. Was very impressed, prices not that bad, will order again.

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Adven2r, I’m familiar with early struggles, when first married we scarped by with cardboard boxes covered with a backed vinyl, a bed, a table, and four chairs. Love overcomes almost any obstacle.
My wife’s parents were very successful with his periodontal business
in Louisville, KY. They watched us learn to swim on our own with hopeful smiles. Dr. Bowen was an inspiration to me. Work hard,
do your best and keep grinding, he spoke often of goals and resolve.
May you continue to be blessed in your efforts. Small businesses
are the backbone of America.

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If we get 3 or 4 million deaths from this virus the current economic issues will look like child’s play. But you don’t seem to grasp that.

Nobody on this board grasps things as well as you, Swine.
But I know GRANDSTANDING looks like.


Your opinion is noted and given the appropriate consideration

Retired and in early sixties with a few physical issues. Wife is younger and still works but shut down for the next 2 weeks per the national pandemic .We’re all facing uncertain times and that alone can be scary because everyone wants to have that safety net that everything will be alright tomorrow. Me included. What I DO know personally is I believe there is a God and here cares for me and everyone else that also believes in and loves Him. In the Bible it says numerous times in the Old and New Testament to FEAR NOT! That statement would not be in there unless there was a reason(s). Opportunity to experience absolute fear is real and Jesus knows what each one of us are dealing with. HE commands us to FEAR NOT! We don’t have a choice if we choose to obey. Secondly and possibly more importantly, fear is the opposite of faith and the Bible also says without faith it’s Impossible to please Him. Heb.11:6 Stay strong and stay safe. And when these things begin to take place, stand up and lift up your heads because your redemption is drawing near. Luke 21:28 Friends, it may not be now but in case it is I’d rather be spiritually ready. Peace out.


Please see Baumbastic Hawg’s post in an earlier thread about religion and politics not being appropriate topics for the board

I have waffled back and forth in my opinion of what we should do. My current position is that we must establish some balance in how we deal with this pandemic. I appreciate the fact that our President has followed the advice of medical experts. However, doctors are always going to want extreme cautions to be in place. How many times have I heard a doctor tell one of my players to stay off of a sprained ankle for 10 days when they were back playing in 2 or 3 days with no damage to the ankle or loss of performance? We need balance in how we handle this. We can’t just destroy our economy nor the livelihood of Americans. Now the data is telling us that the mortality rate is not as high has first feared. Protect the most vulnerable and put our country back to work.


Living in fear is bad for everyone regardless of your stance on religion. I think in this time of all sports being canceled such a post is appropriate.