If this is Super Bowl 55,

Why are they using Roman Numerals LIV?

Forgive my ignorance.

They aren’t really. It is just that they put the image of the trophy in the middle.

I agree that makes it look like LIV.


The term Super Bowl was not used until the 3rd championship amyway.

Not true. The first one was called the Super Bowl.

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Sorry, but the Jet victory over the Colts was the first one labelled super, the guy who later owned Kansas City coined the term and it stuck. There were two AFL/NFL championshps played prior to the new term which has stuck and been a houshold term.

the first two games were called “The NFL/AFL Championhip Game”

Partially correct

The first two are retroactively called Super Bowls

You have to count those two to get to 55

Absolutely, the name once accepted stuck on all of the games.
I remember listening to the first one while at work, listened on the radio.

Number 3 was a big deal as Namiath had gotten a whopping quarter of a million to sign and in those days that was unheard of.

Lamar Hunt owned the Chiefs, (originally the Dallas Texans) from their beginning. The family still owns the team. The biggest storyline historically for Super Bowl 3 was the AFL breaking through to win the big game, made even bigger by the Jets being a 17 point underdog, made even bigger by Joe Namath saying the Jets would win. He “guaranteed” it.

Yes, I forget the name the NY team used before it became the Jets, maybe the Titans, but the AFL until game three was considered the lesser league.Namath did predict a win.

No. The name was not officially adopted until later, but it was called the Super Bowl from the beginning. Here’s one article that explains how the name developed.

That is an interesting story and I kinda feel like both versions of the term are basicaly correct. The official world at times is not the same as the real world. I actually feel both stories are correct and occured alongside each other.

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