If this is all about hiring Gus...

If this is all about hiring Gus (not saying it is) think about all money and trouble we will have gone through to get rid of Nutt and bring in Gus:

  1. Fire Nutt, pay him and several assistants big bucks.
  2. Force JFB to retire.
  3. Hire BP.
  4. Fire BP.
  5. Live through JLS
  6. Fire most of the assistants from the BP/JLS era (pay several of them big bucks)
  7. Hire BB.
  8. Fire Jeff Long, pay him several million (unless he gets another job, which he probably will)
  9. Fire BB, pay him and several of his assistants big bucks.
  10. Hire Gus. Pay him BIG bucks. Pay Auburn BIGGER bucks.
  11. Hire someone as AD who has to know he has no real authority.

A lot of trouble to hire Gus to replace Nutt, which is clearly what some PTB have wanted for years.

First, I am not a big Gus fan, but would be if he has a Hog on his visor (I will support any coach hired and I think he is a good coach). However, I hope we are not building our path forward just around him. The Malzahn people know the situation far better than me, but I am suspicious regarding whether or not he would like the opportunity to stick it to the University. I know the people have changed since his bad history, but have always thought he really enjoyed the opportunities we gave him to poke us, if only on the scoreboard. And yes I know it is his job to score and our job to stop him, but still felt he enjoyed it a bit much.

I am not a fan of anything about him, and agree totally with your assessment of his (real and perceived) putdowns and pouring it on when he could. But, it is probably a fact that the people in positions to influence this move may be more than willing to hire a guy who gleefully peed on our heads, simply because he might win a game or two more each year. That is sad!

If he were to come to Arkansas you can expect a slightly less successful run here than he’s had at auburn. Period.

We don’t recruit as well as auburn. Never have, never will and he won’t change that. He’ll be the same coach in the same division of the same conference with less talented players.

Good luck making a big jump with that. Would be a fiasco within 3 years.

I don’t have anything personally against him and will support him if he is named the next coach. But I don’t see him being any more successful at Arkansas than Auburn. Yes, he had the big run in his first year, but not much since. He could be putting together another run this year, but that will make his jump to Arkansas even more unlikely.

I know several Hog fans who do not want Gus. I even know one who will be gone if Gus is hired.

I don’t want him because there will be so much controversy on these boards.