If This Has Already Been Reported ...

… Sorry, but just saw that OL Owen Condon has committed to Georgia. Is that a surprise?

I think Arkansas believed it had a real shot at him, but he was born in Atlanta and his mom graduated from Georgia

No, not if you had been reading RD’s tea leaves.

I had not read RD’s tea leaves (prefer smoke signals, ha!), so I guess I was a little surprised that he went to Georgia. But considering the ties there, I shouldn’t be.

What tea leaves? Maybe I said something I don’t recall, but I thought it was between and Arkansas and Georgia, but didn’t have a strong read either way.

Good. I try to read everything you write, Richard, and I didn’t remember you saying anything that made it appear Arkansas’ chances with the young man was slim. But I’m also at that age that I forget a lot of what I read.

I can so relate. lol

Our old buddy Sam Pittman strikes again.

You said Florida was his dream offer, or would be if they offered. To me, that means I like you if something better doesn’t come along.

Gotcha. Yes, if Florida offered that would be his likely spot. I was told Florida had no intentions of offering though.