If they play the entire game like the 2nd half at Georgia

me thinks the Hogs can take down Auburn and their cheating Coach. It would be a sweet win…


If we score 99 against Auburn and and drop 15 3’s I’m not sure the roof can handle it.


Georgia plays the poorest defense I’ve seen from an SEC team in a long time. They had a couple of guys out there that physically could not keep defenders in front of them and several other guys that either couldn’t or wouldn’t consistently play defense.

Hard to believe Georgia won’t have a new coach next year.

Thats right! To buzzards point - I can remember when Crean was considered coaching royalty - the SEC has become the standard for BB and FB coaching and will weed out any posers…

That being said they beat Alabama not long ago.


If you look at players that hit the portal and now play at Kentucky Wheeler and Auburn Johnson you could assume their
Record would be much different.
I doubt if I were sitting in the AD chair I would fire the coach after this season.
The rebuild he has faced and the change I transfer rules has crushed what he has started.

The thing is, why was there 7 players in the portal? Was it because he completely lost the locker room? . . . . . something is smelly in the kitchen imho. . …

It’s year four, and he hasn’t gotten to the tournament yet. While Crean does not have the players available he thought he would have in September, much less last March, at some point he runs out of excuses.

It also does not help that it looks like his control over the team is slipping. Once we got up about fifteen, pretty early in the second half, Georgia lost whatever team cohesion they’d had earlier. There was a whole lot of one on one play on offense, and a couple of plays where Georgia players threw an elbow or gave our guys pretty hard pushes (nothing got called, but I thought it was another sign of lack of discipline). Finally, in the last fifteen seconds of the game a Georgia starting guard went through our walk-on center to get a layup-cutting the deficit to 26- and then promptly flexed and grinned to the Georgia bench.

Getting your beat isn’t fun! The Georgia players beat Bama. There must have been an eclipse that night. The grass is greener is what ruined their roster.
I wouldn’t be surprised to know Grease ball Cal and Lying Bruce were recruiting the players they got last season.
I don’t have a dog in the fight so it makes no difference to me if they fire their coach.

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