"IF" there's a change, is Gus a candidate?

First off I’m not a Gus fan. After reading the hot seat article today I started wondering about him as a potential candidate.

Q1). Would he be interested if he’s out of a job?
Q2). Would he be interested if he’s still at Auburn?
Q3). Would the true inside influencers support him?
Q4). Would Razorback Nation support him?
Q5). How would the High School coaches and players respond?

Oh, please no. There was so much controversy about the problems between St. Gus and Hootie that the only thing that I could see is all of that coming up again.

You’d be missing the key ingredients to that controversy…Hootie and Mitch’s mom…and Danny Nutt…and Theresa Prewett, you get the point.

I think it would be fine but he wouldn’t be my first choice. I think Chad Morris would be a perfect fit.

Gus used Pinnacle Church and Shiloh Christian networks to stir up trouble.

Let’s see… with the exception of Cam Newton, Gus hasn’t really had a lot of success with QBs. Gus constantly has player discipline issues. Oh yeah, Gus is used to some “unusual” recruiting tactics.

Gus is a big solid NO for me!

No for me.

I have always thought and continue to think that Gus is just an average coach at best.

No matter the circumstances, Gus deserted the Razorbacks. He quit before Mustain decided to transfer. He’s not welcome back.

I don’t want Gus.

I think there are much better options out there.

That said if it was between him and Bret, I’d rather have Gus. Bret can’t coach his way out of a wet paper sack.

First of all I hope CBB finishes the season with a bang and make all of this firing talk moot. But if he leaves we need a young “up and comer” to take the helm. Gus is not that man (see the above posts for reasons). Last night me and my brother discussed this topic. We agree on the “up and comer” replacement. It’s a gamble at best but at this point what do we have to lose? I like the UAB dude personally.

Recruiting is the first priority. It has to improve.

We shall see.

I’ll support anyone EXCEPT GUS.

It would be an interesting choice.

Would immediately delight some, but as this thread shows, would not be a pick that made others happy.

I think it would probably be in the best interest that if Arkansas decides to go in a different direction that it hires a rising up-and-comer with an offense that would excite the masses.

But I also think it would be in the Razorbacks’ best interest if they won the last 6 regular season games.

I do not want Gus Malzahn. I can’t imagine a more divisive hire. Almost all coaches alienate a portion of the fanbase after 3-4 years. Gus would start with a huge portion off the bandwagon. Me included.