If There Was Any Doubt About Sam

and the assistants he has, it should be answered now. It is out in public that his DC was at the very least, under strong consideration for similar positions at both TX and LSU. The S&C coach could follow a friend to SC (don’t know if that is his home too). In both cases, they said no. We do not know how many of the others had their agents contacted but we can be relatively certain that at least feelers were out there.

When your people are in demand, it says you must have some very good people. When they turn down major programs, it says a whole, whole lot about your head coach and the situation he has created.

Our program is in need of stability from which to build. I think this is a big deal. Of course, there will be changes over time. That is the nature of the game, but it sure seems these guys really like, respect and enjoy working for Sam. That can only be a good thing.


Work environment is huge… especially with the right leader(s) at the top.


Sam lets them coach and only helps when he see’s something he wants to add or fix. Broyles was the same way, his coaches got promotted a lot. That system will work, coaches love to be supported and not brow beaten. Happy coaches means Happy Wife!

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It is called leadership which we have sorely been missing for a long time. Hunter has shown similar leadership if you take a 30000 view of where all the Hawg athletic programs are trending now even in the days of Covid and having large buyouts to navigate.

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Sam may be like Broyles in that he is able to hire good assistants and let them coach, while he is more of a manager and gets involved as needed.

Jim’s post made me remember Pittman’s quote from 10 months ago about when Barry Odom and Brad Davis were approached for jobs elsewhere.

“I think at that point, you’ve hired good men and they’re going to give you an opportunity to keep them. So that’s what I did.”

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roger that - hypothetically, if they had been working for CM (which they would not have) they would have bolted in a skinny minute

Frank was very good at shuffling coaches out the door when he had someone he wanted to hire that he perceived as having knowledge of a new scheme or style. But he found them good jobs – sometimes head coaching jobs – to make room.

Iowa State called to get permission to hire Merv Johnson. Frank talked them into hiring Johnny Majors. He didn’t want to lose Merv. Plus, Merv probably thought he would eventually get the Missouri job, but that never happened.

This is the most awesome post in forever

I’m so grateful fir Coach Sam

If ever the term “fit” is appropriate it is with Coach Sam at Arkansas

TYSM Coach Sam for putting “Fight and Pride” back into Razorback Football

So glad his assistants feel they fit too and are not looking to jump to other places until the exact job they dream of opens

Go Hogs Go


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