If the SEC Tournament started tomorrow

Double bye, plays on Friday (these four are locked in for next week, but order is not set):
1 – UK (clinched top seed)
2 – UF
3 – Chickens
4 – Hogs (would move to 3rd by beating Gators)
We cannot get the 2 seed, but Florida has not clinched the 2 seed either. If they lose twice and we win twice, they have tiebreak over us due to beating UK, but SoCar beat them and thus could finish second by beating OM Saturday. Gators finish at Vandy.
(Edit: Hold on a second. We can get the 2 seed. We win out. Florida loses to Vandy. Chickens beat OM. That’s a 3-way tie at 13-5. We would be 2-1 against the other tied teams; Florida would be 1-2, SoCar 1-1. We’d be the 2, SC the 3 and UF the 4.)
Plays on Thursday:
5 – OM
6 – Bama
7 – Vandy
8 – Georgia
9 – Aggies
10 – EOE
Winner of OM-Bama tomorrow will be fifth; loser will be sixth with tiebreaker over Vandy at 9-8 record. Georgia could also get to 9-8 by beating Auburn tomorrow. If Tennessee beats LSU tomorrow, they move into 9th on tiebreak over A&M at 8-9. Georgia has tiebreak over Bama, Vandy and Tennessee, not over A&M.
Wednesday games:
I think these are pretty much already set
11 – Auburn. Has tiebreak over Moo U if it comes to that.
12 – Moo U. Cannot be caught by Misery or LSU
13 – Misery. Finishes up with Auburn.
14 – LSU, has tiebreak over Misery but would have to beat either EOE or Moo U, or both, to catch MU. Remember that LSU is 0-for-2017 (and Johnny Jones is dead coach walking).
So if this holds, it would be Auburn v. LSU and Moo U v. Misery. Auburn-LSU winner would get Bama on Thursday. Moo U-Misery winner would get Ole Miss. Vandy would play EOE and Georgia vs. Aggies. Of course, who we get on Friday depends on if we get the 2, 3 or 4 seed.

You have it figure out all the way. All I was worried about was just the getting at least the 4 seed and the Vandy loss did that I thought!
What’s your prediction on tomorrow’s game at Florida?

BPI says we have a 7% chance of winning. BPI also said we had a 6% chance of winning our last 4 games, but we did. Sagarin says 13% tomorrow.

We need to keep Allen from going off and Moses needs to do some damage inside without Egbunu in there. Also need better production from Barford and Dusty. It’s not like Florida blew us out in BWA, but they got a lead and we couldn’t put much of a dent in it. I’d probably put our chances of winning at more like 25%. Which is about what they were at South Carolina too.

I just have a gut feeling that we are going to win a war in Gainesville. But your right about shutting down Allen. That job will be shared by a few folks. Mosses will have to play well and stay out of foul trouble. The free throw line will be the final difference!
As long as the hogs play well I’m satisfied with what ever the outcome is! I do prefer the “w”.
This game would not be as big as the NC vs hogs @ Pine Bluff
But it would be a good one. Do you remember that classic game.

Incorrect, Florida split with SC and us, we would be the 2 seed, Florida the 3, and SC the 4th.

There is another thread where I brought this up (I believe it’s the we can’t beat Florida , and to believe we can makes us stupid thread). Florida has locked up no worse than the three seed. They have nothing to play for tonight. A win or loss does nothing for them. They are locked into the NCAAT and have clinched the opposite side of the SECT bracket from KY. AR, however has to win both games (A win over Florida would lock us in the NCAAT), and it would give us something to play for against GA (Mark Fox said they were tired, I see CMA attacking the entire game to make Frazier work). Winning both locks us in the opposite side of the bracket than KY, a loss and we are on the same side. I think Florida would rather have a rubber match against us than SCe. I would rather have SCe play KY than us playing KY in the semis. JMO

I thought Florida was the best team in the SEC at full strength. It remains to be seen how big an impact losing Egbunu will be. Hayes actually may be a better player. The big difference is that he fouls more often and now they have little rim protection behind him. Consequently, getting him in foul trouble should significantly help us on O, although UF may bring a better offensive player off the bench.

Florida has no glaring weaknesses at either end, but their vulnerability is their dependence on treys and FTs on O. Their losses have usually happened when they have bad nights from the perimeter. Auburn was a good test run at defending Florida. They are similar on O, though Florida is obviously light years better on D. Of note is that Martin used a zone that gave UF some problems and got USC back in the game from a large deficit.

My guess is that an Arkansas upset would involve us staying even on the perimeter due to a good night for us (they defend the arc very well) or a bad night for them, getting their bigs in foul trouble, and solidly winning the paint.

I think right now we can beat anybody in the SEC. We are the best team in the conference right now, if we can just maintain that. I think we will!

I think we just proved we’re not. I think we’re third best, behind UK and UF. We probably won’t finish third now, but top four is fine. We’ll just have to play Kentucky on Saturday in Nashville instead of Florida.

I’ll do an update to OP tonight after the Bama-OM game ends.

I think we finish 3rd. South Carolina plays Ole Miss on the road and I expect to smash Georgia.

Swine looking forward to your update later
How much did that loss hurt our RPI

Our RPI actually IMPROVED tonight, and will improve further if Bama and Texas both win tonight. LSU beating Tennessee helped us because we beat LSU twice. Mount St. Mary’s also won tonight which helped us as well.

Right now, it looks like Bama might, but Texass is sucking

OK, I see what’s going on now. Xavier, which started tonight at #26, is losing to Marquette. If MU wins, Xavier will drop below us. The Texas result is fairly immaterial to us.

Thanks you swine.