If the season got cancelled, would that help or hurt our struggle to get out of the cellar in the SEC?

I want some of what you are ingesting if you think LSU and Bama have enough talent to take a year off and then pick up right where they left off in January. If all it took was talent to win championships the Aggies and USC would have a lot of trophies from the last twenty years.

The staffs at Bama and LSU are going to have their work cut out for them in order to stay at the top if there’s no football this fall. I’m not suggesting they won’t be tough teams, I’m just saying that their margin of error to stay on top will be smaller.

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“The cream rises to the top”.
The top programs will not all of a sudden be diminished by a delayed or cancelled season. They have the best depth in talent and it’s a pipe dream if you think otherwise.

I agree, if all teams miss games, then talent is the basic thing that will decide who suffers most or least. The best athlete is still the best athlete.

There’s no doubt they’ll continue to get good talent. However, I think we can close the gap. As someone said earlier, it’ll be easier for CSP to recruit if he doesn’t have to do it after a 0 or 1 win season. He had to recruit this year after getting hired within a few days of the first signing date. He’ll now have a full year to recruit. That might not be enough to catch the top SEC programs, but it can be enough to catch the lower half.

It’s not like we have a choice in this. Either we have a shortened season or no season this fall. Might as well look for the silver lining if it’s cancelled. I think this is one.

I am NOT saying that we are going to be elite and Bama and LSU are going to suck. I am saying that it will be easier for us to be a “surprise” team than it will be for Bama and LSU to stay on top, simply because it is a lot easier for a few things to go wrong and those teams slip. If we had a .500 record it would be a huge surprise. If Bama or LSU lose three games they think the world has ended.

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I think it could work in our favor as well. Lot of those 4-5* primadonas at Bama, LSU and maybe even Georgia could opt for the draft early. Of course they will be replaced with 4-5* guys, but most unproven yet.
CSP could gain some ground in recruiting then.
But this new staff needs some hands on in the dirt practice time with the players.

I don’t know if it helps or hurts not to play, but I do know that if you don’t practice, then you don’t get better. What is obvious is that these coaches need time to develop their system. Not playing (or practicing) isn’t good for a new staff. If you don’t play this year, then you are starting from scratch (although maybe not all the way) next year. Gotta play year one in a system before you can play year two. Is it worst for Sam Pittman and his coaches to wait a year to play than it would be for any of the other programs? That’s really the question. And I don’t know how you answer that until you look back. No real history to dig into for this answer. We are all just guessing.

One good thing if the season is cancelled. We tie for first.

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