If the season got cancelled, would that help or hurt our struggle to get out of the cellar in the SEC?

It seems like our transfers (QB, RB, DT, LB, etc.) might have a big impact this year and those might be lost. I bet our offensive line would be much better next year than this year.

I guess if we end up with another 4 win season, skipping it and starting the Pittman era next year might be a good thing. If we have a chance to pull some upsets and build some momentum in the program, then that might really help recruiting and put us ahead of the game. My gut and a lot of wishful thinking thinks we might surprise some people with the new coaching and new players, but my fear is all that will be an improvement but it may not show it much in the win/loss columns. Our non-conference schedule is tougher than last year (assuming we go to South Bend), the SEC West is just as tough as last year, Tennesse is improving & we could easily be 1-7 when we play them, so we will need to be lots better just to have the same results. So, I wonder if a cancelled season might be a little blessing in disguise?


I was thinking that very thing this morning. As much as I’d hate losing the season, this could actually help our position within the SEC. It gives CSP another year to build relationships & recruit. It also eliminates a very brutal schedule for us this year. (I don’t know what our 2021 schedule looks like. It might be just as brutal.)


I may be wrong, but I believe we play Georgia next year.

Game experience is the best teacher. It will hurt us.

Hopefully, our players and coaches don’t have a losers’ mentality and are excited to take on all comers.

Yes, but everyone else will lose game experience, too. Assuming a normal 2021 season, we’ll be reasonably experienced by the 4th game.

I expect the NCAA will give every player an extra year of eligibility, but it’s unlikely the NFL-bound players will use it. In fact, I expect a whole lot of players would forego it.

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You are correct. Arkansas plays at Georgia in 2021.

The SEC East-West rotation is set through 2025 (maybe divisions will be eliminated after then). The Razorbacks are scheduled to host South Carolina in 2022, play at Florida in 2023, host Kentucky in 2024 and play at Vanderbilt in 2025.

If games aren’t play this year, I could see this year’s conference schedule being repeated in 2026.

I think it comes down to whether recruiting will be better if we play or not. Might be better if we don’t as Sam can keep recruiting on his vision vs actual results. If we don’t get to play non conference we likely will only win 1 - 2 max. Imagine that can’t help recruiting.

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We have a lot of guys this year that don’t have a lot of game rep experience. Sure, other schools would lose games too but I bet any of our coaches feel better about 2021 if they played in 2020. That’s just common sense.

It’s common sense that we’d be better in 2021 if we play games in 2020, but that’s not necessarily true when “better” is compared to how we’d be against the competition. If we’re better in 2021 & Alabama is also better in 2021, we’re still going to lose. Our betterment has to be greater than our opponents’.

I can’t swear we’d be better off against the rest of the SEC if 2020 is cancelled, but I can certainly understand the theory of why we might be.

The problem for Bama and LSU is that it may not be so easy for the entire team to take a redshirt year and then flip the switch and expect things to be just as good as they were in 2019. Over a 20 month gap between games is not starting over, but it does introduce a lot of potential factors that could make those teams worse, and maybe substantially worse, than they were in January.

For teams like the Hogs on the other hand, it would be hard for things to get much worse, and there may be a few possibilities to make up ground faster.

Good question that I think we have all been pondering - I would hate for it to happen but me thinks that it (a year off) could somehow (really don’t know how to quantify!) could bring us more inline with stable SEC programs

I doubt seriously that we would have a bunch of players on the current roster not come back for an additional year. It’s not like we have been churning out NFL draft picks-a-plenty lately.

I’ll have whatever you’re drinking or smoking.
Alabama and LSU don’t have a lack of talent in their programs and with any type of lay-off or delay/cancelled season they will still have more depth of talent than than the majority of the SEC teams when play resumes and that gap in talent will still remain.

I think that’s correct. Only exceptions would be some who might be ready to leave school & football.

We’re not beating Bama or LSU for a long time if they give us two years off… if they cancel the season, can we start basketball and baseball earlier?

We’d have ten fewer losses than last season.

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There’s a good possibility we play only conference teams. I cant see a four win projection as plausible.

We’re going to have to recruit our way out of this, just as Steve Spurrier said after the Poultry whipped the Hogs in Bielema’s first season. Yes, the people we recruit will need game experience, but so will the recruits at LSU and Bama and so on. But we need to stack up classes with SEC level talent. Cancelling the season would give us another class to build with without getting our noses bloodied on the field this fall. I’d like to play but it might not be so bad from a talent standpoint if we don’t.

However from a financial standpoint you’re darn right we need to play. We reported income from football of $76 million for the 2018-19 fiscal year, including $30 million from ticket sales. And much of the remaining $46 million would be lost due to media rights that aren’t used.

I wouldn’t want Hunter Yurachek’s job right now. He’s earning the million-plus we’re paying him, trying to navigate this pandemic in which things change on a daily basis.

Although no one knows for sure at this point, I’d think this would be correct. Now, the non-conference games would probably change…and that in and of itself could cause some problems if the SEC slate reverted to this season because of each conference team’s open dates. In other words, where a given SEC team has dates available to play NC games this year is in some cases different from when such games are scheduled in 2021 (presently), so next year’s group of NC opponents may or may not be available to move their game with an SEC for to accommodate the change.

But my guess is that the SEC they’d schedule the conference games first and then fit in the non-conference games as best they could around them. Might be a late scramble to schedule FCS schools.