If the same players start next week

Then I guess it was acceptable.

We will see.

That would surprise me! If he doesn’t take action it will cost up and make it impossible to enforce any type of discipline.
At least make them sit out. I would leave them in Fayetteville if it were my decision.

I am anxious to see whether No. 9 will be back there for the defense.

I agree - CCM talked a great game in the post game presser. Did after Vandy too.

Talk is cheap though. If talking got it done we would have been uncommonly good the last 5 years.

Time to see some actions backing up the big words.

We’ll all be watching.

I don’t go to practice or sit in on meetings with these guys but for those of you that do, who should be yanked and why?

Curl and Pulley are the two I’m referring to.

Pull the Artful Dodger also.

I think the answer to this question may go a long way toward answering the Elmo question in another thread.

He’s about to be gone, thank god.
Good teammate and person, but has no business in the SEC.

I don’t care if that hurts anyone’s feelings. It will make mine feel better not having to watch him every week.

Sometimes the truth hurts! But at least it’s the truth. Uncoachable few cost plenty of wins during their time. The sad part is there was never enough talent or depth to make a change! I hope that gets corrected in the next few years.
Curl is a player seems like he has followed on the football team like Hall did on the basketball team. Let’s hope he continues to progress and learns to avoid trouble.

There could be no better time than now for Coach Morris to put his stamp on the type of program he intends to lead at Arkansas.
If I could give him advice I would tell him to suspend any of the players involved in the pregame B.S. with the opposing teams cheer squad no matter whom it was because let’s be honest it’s not like our final game next week at Missouri more than the opportunity to establish a culture change within this program.
As a matter of fact when it comes to next weeks final game I would only play players that have proven they have fully bought in to what this coaching staff is trying to build for the future. Certainly, there are some good upperclassmen that still play hard and those should play, but those that don’t give their best effort need not play which will allow many younger players to get the opportunity to get game experience which will also give the coaches a better opportunity to evaluate their talent under live game competition.
At the conclusion of the season I would expect the coaching staff to sort through the entire roster and decide who stays and who they will ask to seek other opportunities via transfer. At the same time, Coach Morris needs to evaluate his staff and grade them out for how they coached this season to determine if changes need to be made. I would expect there to be many players transfer at seasons end and some of those will not be the one’s that the coaches or fans actually want to leave.
Fact is that we will be playing more freshmen and Sophomores next season than probably any team in the country, but it will be necessary given what has to happen to eventually turn this programs negative culture around in a few years.

On Monday, Coach needs to open the locker room door and ask those that aren’t fully on board to kindly leave and wish them the best and I mean players and coaches alike.

Go Hogs!

I’m putting this more on the coaches. When you have these players for almost a year and you can’t transfer your knowledge to them, yet you continue to put them on the field, it is indicative of the inability to teach–both from a how standpoint, to a leadership failure. A coach can be an expert at his position/technique, but without the ability to train, teach, evaluate, and inspire, he is nothing more than a place holder. Coach Morris may have the utmost confidence in his coaches, after all, he picked them, but at some point, he has to recognize who is getting the job done and who isn’t. He doesn’t have to fire them, but I suspect many will see it that way. He has to do his job too and that includes evaluating and disciplining his staff.