If the reports tonight are true

Hunter Yurachek just commited career suicide. And he was off to such a nice start. I hope our next AD has the stones to put the BOT in the corner where they belong. This is worse than embarrassing. To lose to OM in anything other than a party is a black eye I’m not sure we can recover from. RIP Arkansas football. It was fun while it lasted. And it’s not lost on me that this debacle happened on the 50th anniversary of the worst program defining loss in our history.

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Amen. Sad but true

On top of it all we had a 3 week head start on everyone. It would not surprise me at all to see us go with Barry Lunney, Jr. as head coach. I kind of got the feeling the media was setting this up this past week.

I’ll reserve opinion until announcement is formally made.
Something just feels strange about all of this. HY stuck his neck out profusely, don’t see him chopping it off so candidly.

Depends on your idea of what chopping off would be

Ole Miss came in 2 days and got done what we couldn’t in 3 weeks…Sad

Or does HY resign because the BOT’s won’t let him do his job???

There was a rumor late Thur night that HY wanted them to fire him because of this. He didn’t want BOT interfering and they are. He can’t hire who he wants, but if he quits they keep the money, if they fire him, he does.

I’ve been told by a few people that know, that part of the rumor (HY wanting out) is not true, but part of the rumor (BOT interference) is

Edit: Let me expand on BOT interference. It’s not all of them, but there are 2-3 that definitely give an AD a headache, and those that know the members can probably guess who

I think Arkansas State is on the verge of becoming the flagship for football within the state. If HY leaves after two years on the job the ship has sunk.

ole miss has already posted on their 247 board that a press conference sunday to name kiffin. said he preferred the ole miss job to ours. oh how our program has fallen.

HA! Not even close.

Too many people are talking about things they know nothing about.

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What do you know general? It is being reported as a done deal

I know that some of these BOT rumors are bogus.

You hope the next AD has the stones to put the BOT in the corner? HY, or any AD, might resign, he might be fired, but the BOT gets to run the UA. It’s in the State Constitution. The AD is at least 2 rungs below the BOT.

I’m gonna step out on a limb here and suggest the framers of the State Constitution weren’t Hog fans. Sad state of affairs, regardless.

Yeah. That’s it.

Tongue was firmly in cheek when I typed that. Jeez

I’d have thought it was a tongue in cheek comment if not for the earlier one about the AD telling the BOT what to do.

Dang, Jimbeau I wish I had more patience like you. Somebody tells me Ole Miss has whipped us, and I fly into a rage. I need to trust Hunter. He is a good dude and a great leader for our sports program. If he comes with an outstanding coach then I guess I wlll just feel like a fool. I hope I do.