If the NFL implodes, is College Football next?

Unless Jerry Jones can perform a coup against Goodell, and get the NFL to understand that without fans in the seats, it’s all coming down. You know, there is going to be a point where an employee will realize they are not acting in there best interests by taking a baseball bat to their employers knees. If there is no upward career trajectory for a high school or college football player to endure the risks of playing a brutal sport to go professional and make a lot of money, this sport will dry up, probably as quickly as we are seeing the trend in the NFL.

Then, what happens to the college game when there are no butts in the seats in these expensive venues, the donors will put their money elsewhere.

Interesting thoughts.

While I have thought about the NFL imploding, I haven’t thought about the consequences that would come, especially with college football. Could be really damaging, majority of college football players come because they think they will play professionally. I’m sure it would be devastating for the game.

NFL better get it together, make the players realize how just like anyone else they are employees, paid performers, and need to do their activism on their own time.

Bigtusk, we’ve already seen some high school programs quit football. Who knows, maybe football would just take a step back to the 50’s and 60’s, not that interesting. Football is basically a game of real estate, we’d just go back to baseball and basketball…and golf.

That sounds like a bad dream!

I love golf, and it has gotten much better to watch over the last 10 years, but between it and baseball…(I’d rather watch my wife’s Hallmark movies).

Let’s hope it all gets figured out for the best.

The NFL is battling another huge issue with the CTE findings in former players. That combined with the empty seats and lower ratings are bad signs for league. And the CTE issue could (and probably will) raise its ugly head in the NCAA.

I have grandsons with good athletic ability and I don’t want them to play football. Which is hypocritical since I love to watch others play the game.

It’s certainly interesting.

Well, upon reflection, I can’t imagine football going down. Even if it’s with the players that just want to play for the love of the game. Maybe in it’s purest form.

College football predates the NFL & back in the 50’s & 60’s was more popular. There weren’t nearly as many NFL teams & the pay was not near what it is today, so very few college football players planned on an NFL career. I doubt an implosion of the NFL would hurt college football. On the other hand, i don’t see the NFL imploding. Any controversy between the owners & players (& fans) will eventually be resolved. Might take a while & might not happen until after a strike or something like that, but they’ll be resolved.

I can see changes coming in football. While in some ways we might not like them, I think they’re necessary for player safety. As a practical matter, football is an unreasonably dangerous game, but it can probably be made safer.

If the NFL were to go down (which I don’t think will happen - too much $ at stake), I don’t think it will hurt the college game. May help it. A few players may not play and go to school if there is no NFL out there, but most will. They got a pretty good deal; a degree, hero status, big man on campus, love of the game and or school. I like those much better than the NFL.

I did not watch any games today and certainly did not miss it. I did watch games yesterday. College game is far better.

I like your perspective Colorado. It is more pure, and it is football as it should be. If the NFL goes down, then college football would become what it used to be, pure entertainment for the enjoyment for the student fans of the schools, you know, like in the old days. In my old days at Mizzou, it was just something to do on Saturday, and hopefully we would win.

Good thread, I like all of the different takes.


Coached in Iowa for almost 50 years and really starting to see a decline in numbers at the lower levels in football. Coached in a program that went to play-offs 29 of 30 ears and at the middle level 7/8 we would have up to 150 kids participating. We now run about 70/80 kids. We compete at the 2nd highest level in the state. The sport is in trouble. Too much tackle football to early.

Potential for injuries, long term brain damage, plus the increased interest in other sports, such as soccer, are going to continue to impact football. Players today are bigger and faster than they were in the 1960s. Granted, the equipment to protect players has also improved, but injuries are not something parents want to see. But, as long as kids can see a path to a free college education, even if they don’t make it to the NFL, I think we’ll continue to see good athletes selecting football as their sport. Most kids who play high school ball have no chance to play in college, and they know it. They do it for the love of the game, the peer pressure, and the popularity athletes have had since the beginning of time.

While I could care less if the NFL implodes, I kind of doubt that it will. Eventually they will recognize the correlation between empty seats, declining revenues and falling salaries. The game will evolve, rules will change, equipment will advance.