If the Hogs Lose Today, Is it another Blowout

Seems like that’s the recipe; if they are better than the Hogs, they’re much better. Similarly, if the Hogs are better, they seem to be about 2 points better.

That’s a sign of a team that does not thrive against adversity.

Well, it’s another road game; a game against another spread offense…and one that only lost to LSU by 3 points while holding LSU to under 400 yards (at LSU).

I certainly don’t know who will win. And, the better team doesn’t always win. We were definitely the better team last year, especially late in the season, and at home.

How does any of that play into the winning team today? Just not sure. Do know that the Razorback just have not been able to get it done against the bell-ringers for a while now.

Blowout? If it is we will know that this team not only does not have it in ability, but in mind or will to win (Uncommon if you will). I call it pride.
That is what both teams are playing for tonight. Who has it? Both have proved that they are not very good and are not real SEC West teams. Who still has pride?

I don’t know who wins. Should be a rather even game playing for the bottom of the SEC West. Is that what it has come to for us? Certainly is this season.

I agree with Jim; if you don’t play with pride, then the players are rejecting something put forth by the coaches–“the process of CBB”.

Moo U isn’t good enough to blow out anyone. So if they do, that would suggest a whole bunch of people have quit. I do not expect that though.