If the hammer falls on Aubrun

And it should. Oh yes it should. What then will become of Alan Flannigan? I see a really sweet landing pad out there for him. One with a giant void left by his one time Parkview teammate. Good fit? Is this a realistic possibility or just my imagination running away?

Just saw speculation that Pearl could go to Texass…

That family and the Hogs have not gotten along for a long time, going back to when daddy Al was the coach at Parkview. I think there are some posters on this board who probably could give a lot more detail on the past troubles.

While Muss certainly was not involved with previous events and personalities, I am not sure that the family wants any involvement with Hog basketball.

I’m hoping they would at least be willing to listen to Muss. A little time in Miss Muss’s finishing school might do wonders for Alan’s professional basketball future.

We did sign Garland and Henderson from Parkview. And Beard may have committed when he was still at Parkview, but not sure of that. I think now it is not about the old feud, but more about Parkview connection to Wes Fanigan, assistant to Pearl.

If Pearl leaves, what to watch is where does Wes go?

Thursday is the day to start watching this. On Thursday, Beard’s buyout drops to $4m. If Texas does not announce Beard within a few days of Thursday, they will go after Pearl and Musselman.


Why would they go after Pearl if he is in the NCAA crosshairs? Does anyone really believe that Chuck Person was acting on his own? Also, if Alan followed Pearl to Austin, he would almost certainly have to sit a year.

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Good question, but they are according to Austin main newspaper. Also a lot posters think Pearl and Wade are going to be in more trouble than they already are. I doubt that.

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Do not like Pearl, but the man is a good coach, a good promoter, a bigger self promoter and a skilled snake. All seem to make him and Whorns a match made in heaven (actually well south of there).


If you take out the snake part, does it not fit Muss? I think that is why he is so successful in recruiting.

Anyway, interestingly the newspaper article that I read said that Texas is looking for a high energy coach that can infuse energy into the fan base, recruit well and win. They think Muss and Pearl fit that bill.

I would be devastated if we lose Muss. If he becomes the Texas coach. I would be devastated and pissed. It would be inexcusable.

So Muss is a self promoter? He seems to be a program promoter.

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Muss will not go to Texas. I have no inside information except that Muss is a basketball junkie. Texas is not a place that would make him swoon no matter what kind of money they offer. Just my 2 cents. He does not leave Arkansas except for a true blue blood school or the NBA

Yes, his videos are good examples of that. He himself appears in the videos all the time, talking about his hat collections, sliding behind a truck, etc. If that is not self promotion, what do you call self promotion?

He is a big part of why recruits sign with us. He has to promote himself to promote the program. I don’t see anything wrong with that. And that is exactly what Pearl does.

Completely agree but don’t think Texas wants Pearl baggage. They have to hit a home run and it’s Beard or Muss imo

so I’ve spoken with 2 of my old roommates, both huge Horn fans. both would be shocked if UT hires Pearl. and both would vomit.

neither are power brokers at all, just solid Horn fans, like we are for the hogs.


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