If the correct call was made, HOGS win

However, the officials would be catching all kinds of grief from Stankey and the other gofers at the SEC office.

I believe this and nothing will change my mind.

I agree if the correct call was made we win. Not even debatable really.

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SEC knows we are weak, are good for homecoming opponent, and will never leave better SEC money.

I.E. they like pushing us around for wins of the elite and paying us to keep doing it.

And tell us we should like it.

That qb fumbled the ball and at the best, the referees saved them. And then covered themselves when questioned.

This can not always be ok.

We’ve beat plenty of top ranked teams in the SEC. they push us around now because we have whiners mentality instead of winners one.

If the whistle isn’t blown, clock will run out even if Auburn reacts and recovers. The quick whistle was the issue.


While I am surprised at your acceptance of this obvious incompetence , I do agree that we need to take care of our business on the field to the point that the jackleg officials don’t determine the outcome. Pittman either chose to chase points or to listen to less than wise advice, hopefully he learns from this. Briles needs to learn that his cutesy/gimmick plays, while possibly effective in lesser leagues, ain’t all that against real defenses and bringing a quarterback off the bench cold to be difference maker at crunch time is risky at best.

All this said, the kids who hung in there all game and never quit deserved better than a more than suspect ruling influencing the outcome. We have certainly had more than this one instance of incompetence to make us gun shy.

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Just because I accept doesn’t mean I like it but I think it’s a waste of time and energy to whine about it. We’ve beaten plenty of top ranked teams so the refs don’t screw us. We screw ourselves as we did tonight. If you want to make excuses for this team then by all means do it. But I bet Sam is telling those players and coaches to get better if they don’t want to get beat.

SEC contorts itself in statement of “Go Away”

“Immediate recovery” meaning if Arkansas recovers in any way, it will not be allowed to beat Auburn

After they missed a FG. If we could just get one first down before punting, Auburn starts deep in there territory. Get two first downs game over. Yes we all get that, but instead we run 3 plays lose yardage, force Auburn to burn TO’s. But give good field position to win it. Yes get that to.
But just as we made mistakes that cost us the win, so did Auburn including the muffed snap and spike. Just convenient the Refs made a very bad mistake as well in Auburn’s favor.

And none of the officials noticed the O-lineman draped over our guy with his arm around his neck so he couldn’t possibly get to the ball. No holding call there, either. That was as bad as it gets. But, yeah, all we needed was a first down.

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There were just so many what ifs in this one. The backwards Aubrun pass early in the game that they didn’t even review. The fumble that was overturned. The double standard on holding. The Briles brain fart. Chasing the mixed extra point. It was like so many games in the early Bielema years. Just rips your heart out. Still, it is good to see a competitive Arkansas team wearing real Arkansas uniforms and playing their guts out. These guys deserved better.

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Which players were whining?
I didn’t see any of them doing that.
Get off the whining garbage!

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All of the editors/sportswriters for HawgsIllustrated had Auburn winning, some in a close game, some not so close. For the Hogs to be competitive in all three games so far is heartening and exactly what I wanted to see. I just want to see the Hogs compete in every game like they did at Auburn. While I may not like the outcome all the time, at least they are playing their hearts out. We do need to clean up our special teams quickly. The teams on our schedule are showing that they will not go down easily. Missouri, A&M and Ole Miss all looked very good on offense yesterday. We need to get and keep our players healthy to weather this gauntlet.

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