If Strong is a candidate why not....

If they are considering Charley Strong, who did less with more, meaning he had every advantage at Texas…Top 5 recruiting classes every year, great facitilities, unlimited budgets…And some baggage? Then why would we not interview Mike Leach, who has done more with less. TT is a wasteland hard to recruit there. Same with Washington State the perineal bottom feeder in the Pac 10-12-14. Both schools facilities are not good, His budget for assistant coaches are on the bottom of the pay scale yet Look what he did at each school? He made them relevant. When was the last time we were relevant? Six years ago.!!!

Leach is an offensive genius, he has recruited Texas, was an assistant in The SEC and does more with less. He develops players and assistant coaches. Yes he also has baggage - he put a spoiled daddy’s boy in a tent.

Just imagine what he could do

I wasn’t really a big fan of his to begin with. But after hearing what a football coaching analyst said about him on Bo’s show a day or two ago, I hope he’s not our next coach.

When Strong’s name was brought up, he didn’t even want to go there. That said a lot to me.

I like Leach a lot. I don’t know how difficult he is to work with, but he is interesting and his teams are fun to watch.

Leach? NO!

Leach? Absolutely. OP’s points are very valid. AR coach better be a great evaluator and be able to “do more with less” because at AR, that is what is required as long as we are competing in the SEC.

Leach is the closest thing to a guaranteed positive result of all the coaches that have been mentioned, IMO.

Strong and Kiffin, we would regret. The others (excluding Gus…), are a coin toss. With Leach we know what we would get - fast paced, fun offense with strong leadership.

I doubt CS will be seriously considered once the search agency exposes everything about CS time at UofL

Besides he is too temperamental I observed signs of disconcerting conflicts with the press among other things once
Discovered by the search firm about his time at UofL that - if true - will remove him from the pool of candidates

Besides - if you can’t win with Texas (spit) resources what makes you think he could win with fewer ones at Arkansas

He was successful at UofL but Teddy Bridgewater lates a key role in that IMHO