if south carolina can....why not us?

if South Carolina can win the national championship for the women…why can’t Arkansas?not real sure of their history but do know that since Dawn Staley got there…they are a team to be reckoned with every year.we had in the old SWC days some success regionally and always seemed to hover around the magical"20"win season and produced some good players.and…we did go to the FINAL Four with Gary Blair as our coach.hopefully the "sources"are correct about the university hiring Mike Neighbors to be the next women’s coach.i just want to be in the NCAA tournament every year for BOTH the men and women’s programs.

Jimmy got to the second round of the NCAA with players left over from Tom Collen, which is also how far MA has advanced (thanks to some highly questionable officiating). Which is not to say that Jimmy should have been retained. From all reports, he had lost the team, and once that happens, he’s not going to get them back. Especially if half of them transfer.

Dawn Staley has done a heckuva job at SoCar, as has Vic Schaefer at Moo U. And Mike Neighbors at U-Dub.

It sure didn’t hurt Mike that his first UW recruiting class included the girl that would become the all-time NCAA leading women’s scorer. I don’t expect him to strike gold to that extent here. But there is good women’s talent in Arkansas, and if he can recruit most of it, develop it, and KEEP IT, I think he can succeed here. As Mike is doing with the kids from the Hawks. Final Four? That takes luck. Who knows what MA might have done if we’d held on to knock off UNC. Would we be in the NCG? Probably not, but who knows? You get the break to get into the Sweet 16 and then see what happens.

swine…didn’t mean a national championship…just to always be in the tournament and have a chance to get out of the cellar in the SEC.and be respected nationally.

I don’t think that should be an issue at all. It’s not like we’ve never been good at women’s hoops. We have 11 NCAAT appearances since the NCAAT started in 1982. Jimmy’s team that reached the NCAA second round finished tied for ninth in the SEC, which ain’t great but it’s not the cellar either. If we can reach the top half of the SEC standings consistently, we will also be in the NCAAT most years if not all. Gary Blair’s teams finished anywhere from 11th (in a 12 team league) to 4th; the FF team was 7th place. Tom Collen also managed a fourth place finish in 2012.

We have to keep our good Arkansas HS girls in state. This has been hard to do over a long period of time. But, with the right coach and a determined attitude…things can change.

One HUGE difference: http://fs.ncaa.org/Docs/stats/w_basketb … d/2016.pdf

South Carolina is #1 in the country in attendance. Over 14K per game.

Arkansas averages 2K.

I have to be honest, I have been stunned by the level of interest in this coaching search by those on this board. I didn’t think lady basketball drew much interest at all. But I guess by those numbers listed above, it really doesn’t.

UALR averaged more in attendance in 2016 than Arkansas. So much for supporting a Razorback alum.

Reply: Death threats made to our female student athletes are and should be taken seriously, don’t expect to see many female students athletes standing in line to play basketball, as for those young women that have announced they are leaving the program I haven’t seen anything to change their minds, I guess we shall see.

Some of the home games for UALR men and women are played back to back. A couple of years ago when I attended UALR games, those were on the same ticket. I assume it is still the same. Does that not affect UALR attendance numbers?

Yep, It does. They count the same numbers as the men do if they’re both on the same ticket.

South Carolina’s attendance is good because the team is very good. Not the other way around. Six years ago they were getting 3,000 a game, which is better than we do but not overwhelming.