If season started today...

I’m curious on everyone’s thoughts on how the rotation/minutes would look if the season started today.

After listening to the press conference and the practice reports I thinking we’d be looking at…

G - Barford (27+ MPG)
G - Beard (25+ MPG)
G - Macon (27+ MPG)
F - Bailey (20+ MPG)
F - Thompson (20+ MPG)

G - Jones (15-18 MPG)
G - Hall (15-18 MPG)
F - Thomas (12-15 MPG)
F - Gafford (20+ MPG)

Clean Up
G - Holmes
F - Osabouhein

When we were discussing lineups this summer, I thought CJ Jones would possibly start, however after listening to CMA at the press conference he kinda hinted that as of right now he’d be starting the 3 senior guards, and he’s been bragging a lot about Beard lately, so I think he’s going to give him that chance and just stagger the lineups so that at least one of the senior guards is on the floor at all times. Also, seems that Bailey is really impressing the staff right now, he finished last season strong, so I think they’ll give him a chance to start unless Dustin Thomas just really picks it up.

I expect the first game to be the starters you mentioned plus Thomas instead of Bailey. I just assume CMA is going to start his SR’s. As the year goes on, I expect to see different lineups. I think by SEC season: Barford, Macon, Jones, Thompson, and Gafford. Of course if Khalil is cleared I expect him to work into the lineup, maybe ahead of Jones.

Beard will get his minutes, but my guess is that he will sooner than later have to come off the bench to provide ballhandling on the first substitution. I’m thinking that Macon, Barford, and Beard will be a three-man rotation at the two guard positions, and the rest of the roster will fill the other three positions. Having two quality senior guards on the floor at all times is a good start to a strong team. The three seniors will be the closers when we have a lead late, though.

Agreed. Think he starts the season, but it would make the rotation a lot easier to manage if he comes off the bench.

Was thinking about this the other day. Assuming they don’t have Khalil, I’ll go…

To start the year…
Macon - 27
Barford - 27
Beard - 24
Thomas - 20
Thompson - 20

Jones - 22
Hall - 22
Bailey - 18
Gafford - 20

SEC play…
Macon - 28
Barford - 28
Jones - 22
Thomas - 16
Gafford - 22

Beard - 24
Hall - 20
Bailey - 22
Thompson - 18

Figuring in a few minutes of Darious as a small-ball 4 in there. Obviously this is early and is subject to/will change. Adding in Khalil would take minutes from Anton, C.J. and Darious, but I think he would be fourth in that pecking order. Would be nice to have another potential primary ballhandler, because Daryl, Jaylen and Anton are really the only guys I see in that light at this point.

Supposed to see some more practice soon.